Saturday, June 30, 2007

A New AFB log-o-Venture

It occured to me, ladies and gentlemen, that as my friends and I were beginning to break new ground as far as our blogging efforts are concerned, that all of us might be better served if we were to add a new feature to the AFB whereby each of us contributers would have his own page available for the posting of individual thoughts, reflections, commentaries and opinions on the vast array of subjects which seem to occupy our minds these days, yet do not necessarily fall within the purview, or the scope of what the AFB is here to provide.

While the AFB is a great forum for posting all of these and more, little reflection on the subject, and on the limitations of the blog itself, particularly under a team concept as the AFB has been built and developed around, tends to yield conclusions that one of several ameliorating options is available to us. As for right now, this is the option that we chose because it seemed to us the best, and the simplest solution to a potential and anticipated problem.

Just to offer you a brief overview of what you might expect to see here at Webster's Blogspot, I will say that I'll strive to put together thought provoking, informative, and interesting pieces that, as I said, might not necessarily fall within the general scope of the AFB...

The toughest part in taking on this new venture may well prove to be in delineating between what belongs over here at Webster's, and what properly belongs at the AFB. I promise to give you my very best efforts in making those determinations, and I'd respectfully ask in return that you'd grant me some degree of latitude in that regard as I'm very likely to make numbers of errors in judgment therein. On the other hand, I'd certainly appreciate any constructive criticisms you may have with what I'm posting here so that I may take them into consideration in an effort to improve upon, and to provide a truly valuable product tending, as is intended, to compliment our efforts at the AFB.

Finally, with regard to my resurrected pen-name, Daniel Webster, I must admit that I have grown accustomed and quite attached to using it. I thought that this forum would be a great place to re-establish the usage, satisfying my own good pleasure. As I think I've said before, it's not that I count myself worthy of the name, or among the ranks of such eminent men as he; far from it. It is more to the idea that the name itself inspires a sense of principled guidance or influence in me, and helps me stay focused on what it is I'm trying to achieve.

And so we set upon a new venture here. It's my fondest hope that it will bode well for us all, and as I said, will prove a fitting compliment to the AFB. And with that I will sign off for now...

Your humble and faithful servant,



Samuel Adams said...

First commenter in da hizzie .. WOOT!

What a nice idea. I believe we will all reap benefits from it fairly quickly. Props to Providence for the timeliness of His divine Wisdom.

Call Me Mom said...

I must say I missed the referring to you as Mr. Webster. Now, do I add this page to my favorites, or just navigate over from the AFB?

Terry Morris said...

Mom, you've made my day with your post. And you're such a studious observer!

You may of course use your own judgment on how to get here, but you'll note that once we got finished working all the major bugs out, and we managed to change the template to accomodate a look more to our liking, we added a button (which appears on your screen as a pair of balanced scales representing, well, balance) that you may click on to get you back to the AFB.

Now it's just a matter of getting the other two up and running.

Samuel, I can think of but one other who I'd equally wish to own the distinction that is henceforth your own. But you know what they say, brother: "the early federalist gets the balanced worm." ;)

Michael Tams said...

I say! I'm still waiting to see if I can get my own page! To whom must I send this large envelope full of cash?

Great idea, TM. Kudos to our CTO (again).