Monday, March 2, 2009

Natural Born Citizen provision: Mother of all Ironies

While Barack Hussein Obama has to date never produced his long form birth certificate establishing his "natural born" U.S. citizenship status as required explicitly by the U.S. Constitution, Article II, which results in no one knowing for sure whether Hussein meets this requirement as a legitimization of his presidency and all of his enactments as POTUS, we can be assured of one thing -

Barack Hussein Obama IS a natural born Muslim, and beyond as we are about to be informed by someone in the know..

At Gates of Vienna we read excerpts from a Forbes article written by a Muslim woman, Asma Gull Hasan, who writes in part:

Perhaps it is my — and most Muslims’ — loyalty to the umma that is behind our insistence on seeing Obama as Muslim. Islam survived and continues to survive because Muslims believe we have to respect and take care of each other, as members of the umma. If we were to start excluding members, or revising our broad guidelines for admittance, the very essence of the community feeling that is important in Islam, that gives me and other Muslims comfort everyday, would be undercut.

Hasan continues:

So when Obama says he’s not Muslim, my umma mentality says I know better. Once you have a Muslim parent, especially a dad, you’re in. Whether you like it or not, Muslims all over the world see you as one of them. (emphasis mine)

There you have it. As I wrote in a comment to the GoV entry, "Hussein Obama may not be a natural born U.S. citizen, but he is definitely a natural born Muslim and all of Islam knows it." So while we in the Uni ... ummm ... fractured States argue over whether Hussein is a Muslim or not, there is, for all intents and purposes, absolute unity on the question within Islam - Barack Hussein Obama IS a natural born Muslim, thus he'll always be a Muslim. Muslims, by Allah, have no choice in this matter. Once you're in, you are regardless how you got in, and in the strictest sense possible, IN. Or as it's so well put in the Eagles' song Hotel Isla ... er ... Hotel California,

"you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."

In other words, once your fraternal parent makes the mistake of checking you into the elaborately adorned hotel of Islam in the act which results in your conception - or especially once she makes this mistake, to be more exact - you are, in point of fact, and by no right of choice or free will inherent to your being, a lifelong Muslim; a prisoner of Islam not of your own device.

Resistance is futile.

Furthermore, I find it quite ironic indeed that no single (non-Muslim) liberal Hussein Obama supporter can be any more sure of Obama's natural born U.S. citizen status (minus perhaps a few inner circle elites) than any opponent of Obama can be. Yet they defend him to the hilt, saying emphatically and dogmatically that they both can and do know that Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen, and not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond, in fact, any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

Notice how close this "thinking" is to the thinking of Miss Hasan and the Muslim comminity in general as concerns Hussein Obama's lifelong status as a birthright Muslim. She and they know all about Hussein's denial that he is a Muslim, his self-proclaimed conversion to/acceptance of Christianity, yet they refuse to believe that he is not in fact a Muslim. And based on what? Not on anything he himself says about it, or any evidence he produces to support what he says about it. No; they believe he's a Muslim, and perhaps more importantly they refuse to disbelieve he's a Muslim, or to even entertain such an heretical thought, because Islam was conferred on him, not at birth but at conception, by his Muslim paternal parent Barack Hussein Obama I. So in strictness Barack Hussein Obama (or any person conceived in Islam, for that matter) is not a birthright or a natural born Muslim, he is by conception a Muslim, or, a natural conceived Muslim if you will. (This guy is an honor killing waiting to happen.)

This, my friends, is fundamentalist Islamism at its most basic elementary level. And I want us to realize that this is coming from someone who some of us, in our self-righteous quest to find and show the good that exists in pure evil, would call a "moderate" Muslim, which is to say someone not directly and actively involved in Jihad against the infidels, i.e., all non-Muslims but with a particular emphasis on Jews and Christians - Islam's greatest and most capable enemies. This sort of thinking inherent to Islam is the kind of thinking that naturally progresses, as Muslims become more self-aware and seek to become more Mohammed-like, or to express their faith in a more genuine Muslim fashion through various stages at various rates of speed depending on the individual, and eventually arrives at its natural climax - full-blown Islamism, or, world domination in the name of Allah. This woman, Miss Hasan, has thus crossed over the rubicon as all Muslims, everywhere and at all times, are susceptible to doing. Once that happens there is virtually no chance of ever crossing back over.

But let us reflect as well on the fact that modern Western liberalism contains some of the very same elements or building blocks that we see in Islam, thus revealing to us that they both emanate from the same source. Liberalism is at its core, as with Islam, deceptive and fundamentally oppressive, not merely towards those who exist outside its destructive mind-altering influence mind you, but towards those also who have been taken in by its deceptive lure. Keep in mind too, and as an illustration of the point, that when pressed on the question of Hussein's natural born citizen status liberals will make as a last-ditch argument, as Miss Hasan does above concerning his status as an Islamite, that he is, in point of fact, a natural conceived American, by which they mean to say that liberalism trumps any and all explicit provisions in the U.S. Constitution including the natural born citizen requirement imposed on U.S. presidents. Irregardless of whether Hussein actually is a natural born U.S. citizen according to U.S. law made in pursuance thereof, liberalism has redefined what the term means. It's basically that simple. Thus we as a nation have crossed over the rubicon.

Liberalism only cares about the U.S. Constitution insofar as it can be utilized to advance its own destructive ideology, as is the case with Islam. When you boil it all down liberalism is arguing that it matters not whether Hussein was actually born on American soil; it matters not the circumstances surrounding his birth - his mother's age, Hawaiian law at the time, his father's British/Kenyan citizenship at the time of his birth, etc... - what matters most, and the only thing that matters to a liberal when you boil it all down, is that Barack Hussein Obama was conceived a liberal with a liberal's genetic makeup, thus he is a natural conceived U.S. citizen, a status which overrules everything else including the Constitution's natural born citizen provision contained in Article II. We see again when such arguments are made by liberals that they themselves have too crossed over the rubicon and into the realm of leftist extremism.

The implications of these ideologies taken to their extremes, which is the natural course for them both as they are both radical ideologies as inherent to their natures, should be strikingly obvious and quite disturbing to anyone not yet completely brainwashed by either/or; to anyone who has not yet taken that fatal step across the rubicon. Which is the reason our founding fathers built in certain components integral to our system of government as safeguards to prevent such radicalism from becoming dominant in America thus destroying the very foundations upon which this once great Republic was built. Many of those essential components were long ago compromised and some have since been destroyed, of course, which opened the way for modern liberalism to do exactly what the founders were trying to prevent in establishing the components as integral to the system to begin with - the prevention of our collectively taking that fateful step over the rubicon and into the realm of extreme self-delusion and self-destructiveness, which is modern liberalism.

God help us all.


The_Editrix said...

Terry, I am glad that somebody finally thematizes that. I have, several times here, but it didn't evoke much interest. (I am always amazed that the success of my entries is almost invariably reverse-proportional to my own assessment of same entries.) It is funny (peculiar) that even otherwise strident critics of Islam do not dare to touch that, maybe because it reeks too outlandishly of conspriracy theory.

I am a historian by training and majored in social-economic history of the 19th century. I never had any scholarly training of Islam and its ways. However, even the little I know shouts at me that Obama is considered a Muslim and any thought of the only possible reason why he is still alive is certainly unpleasant to think, and most people hate to think unpleasant thoughts. Why didn't the world speak up after Obama's very first actions in office, namely to "improve the relationship" with the Muslim world. Why did hardly anybody ask why YOU, the US of A, ought to do such a thing when YOU did nothing to THEM?

It is a creepy world.

Call Me Mom said...

On the natural born citizen issue, I think we need look no further for a definition of natural born citizen than SB 511.(ironically enough passed with Mr. B. Hussein Obama's approval) I think it can be effectively argued that even though it is non-binding, it clearly shows what our current congress considers to be the definition of a natural born citizen. That is; born of American citizens(please notice the plural) on American soil.
Even if he were born in Hawaii, Mr. B. Hussein Obama was not born of American citizens.
And that's the problem for our current society of moral relativists, isn't it?