Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What about them fuel prices!

Okay, the title is a bit misleading. I have no intention of discussing fuel prices in this post, but to offer a partial explanation for my recent (lengthy) absence from blogging.

It would be true to say that we've been busy, but also somewhat misleading. Busy I have been, but not exactly in the conventional sense. But that's a subject for another post. I've been busy with more enjoyable activities, i.e., learning more about the sport of gymnastics and applying that knowledge -- you can figure it out. As far as politics goes, well, I guess you could say it's analogous to our work situation -- it seems like I'm experiencing a sustained dry spell of sorts. "Burnout" is probably the right descriptive for what I've been going through personally, but at least I'm back to reading some of my favorite political blogs ... and enjoying it.

See y'all soon.


John Savage said...

Terry, glad you are kinda-sorta back!

I understand how you probably felt burned out there. I remember feeling much more enthusiastic about blogging after a break too.

I always enjoy hearing all the news from Oklahoma through you. Your state is the pioneer in this business of state action on immigration! I've heard Texas is really mad about all the illegals they got from Oklahoma, and is ready to crack down on them too!

Terry Morris said...


I never got around to writing a post about the immigration seminar I attended a few months back, did I? I'll have to do that later. Basically two provisions in the law are currently being challenged in the courts -- sections seven and nine in the bill as I recall. If all goes well July 1st, 2008 is the final day of reckoning for our remaining illegals and the unethical businesses that hire them. Also, have you ever heard of the "E-verify" system? It's a federal system, developed after 9/11 as part of homeland security, used to verify the employment status of "new hires." H.B. 1804 requires that all Oklahoma businesses be registered with E-verify on or before July 1st this year, that is if the courts leave the bill intact.

As it stands right now, H.B. 1804 is a done deal. But I know that the author of the bill, Randy Terrill, has said that he'd like to add a few stipulations to the bill that would encourage stricter enforcement; and I'm all for that. I can report, happily, that the legislature shot down a proposal to gut 1804 just a month or so back.

One more item -- I heard yesterday on the news that Oklahoma governor, Brad Henry, endorsed Obama for president. In the words of David Letterman: What about that Governor Henry? This guy's a real nose bleed ain't he?

DR said...

It is nice to have you back blogging. I so understand why you needed the time, though.

Terry Morris said...

DR, Thanks. I'm not officially back full time yet, but after this week things should lighten up for us just a bit. I should be able to devote more time to blogging in the coming weeks.