Thursday, January 29, 2009

Allow me to put to an end...

...all the hype and the hope.

Given that not a single Repbulican House member voted for the Democrat's so-called "stimulus package" (I heard earlier today Obama call it a "recovery package" -- something about the word "package" used to describe an 825 Billion dollar, out-of-thin-air Marxist redistribution scheme doesn't set quite well with me) which was easily passed in the leftist controlled HoR, will the Republicans in the Senate stand firm with, and emulate their lower-house colleagues?


The John Galt Option is sounding better all the time. You see, "a country boy will survive," and this country boy has absolutely no interest in indebting his great, great grandchildren with a debt they cannot pay (not to mention that they didn't themselves assent to) before they're even born. So you democrats can take your "stimulus" package and screw yourselves with it. As for me and my house, we will not participate.


Call Me Mom said...

I'm with you Terry. You do have a way with words.