Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Federal government bombs Pearl Harbor...

--awakens sleeping giant with a terrible resolve?

How many times have I said over the last few months that Hussein Obama and the Socialist Democrats are moving the ball forward way too fast, way too aggressively on such items as the infamous 'stimulus' package, 'federalizing' health care and etc., resulting in the alarm they've engendered within a significant and growing proportion of the general American populace?

There's a good discussion ongoing at VFR in which commenter Mark P. touches on this exact point.

Mark P. writes:

Basically, the Left is attempting to do too much, too fast, with way too many changes occurring in too short a time, with results experienced too sson to allow memories to fade. They are too impatient, probably due to the short-term thinking of the new cohort of liberals.

Yep. And though Auster's entry concerns itself with health care specifically, and which Mark P. is mainly speaking to, I suspect that like me Mark understands that it goes beyond federalizing health care.

The Democrats are -- under Hussein, Pelosi, Reid -- fast and furiously, and with reckless abandon such as we've never witnessed in this country, trying to ram every God-forsaken leftist-communist item they can while they can down our throats. And they somehow expect Americans (particularly self-governing producers) to simply lay down and take that b.s.?

I personally think they overestimate the extent of the damage liberalism has already done to the American spirit and psyche. Perhaps not on a conscious level, but the world is to them as they perceive it to be anyhow. I'm not saying that liberal dominance hasn't caused a lot of practically irreparable harm to the country, such as creating a large dependent class, fostering an entitlement mentality amongst certain and sundry demographic groups, constitutional and civic illiteracy and a host of others. I'm simply saying that government indoctrination hasn't quite worked out the way they planned it for a bunch of us. Some of us, evidently, and in spite of all of their efforts to train us up in the ways of the all-encompassing ideology of liberalism, were just too stupid (or hard-headed), evidently, to get it.

I've said before that my education just didn't take because I wasn't that interested in it to start with. No one ever expected or otherwise demanded me to achieve academic excellence, so I didn't because I had no reason to. No; I just did what I had to do, nothing more, nothing less. Which is to say that I maintained something like a B- average throughout my educational career because that was all that was required of me. And as you probably already know, it takes very little effort to maintain a B- grade average, so little in fact that one rarely needs to take a book home or "study" in any meaningful sense of the word. Indeed, I missed so many days of school, so many assignments and tests one year in H.S. that about 2/3 of the way through the semester I finally decided to start attending classes on a regular basis and pull my average up from an F to a high C. That is all it took, going to class, completing my assignments, memorizing test answers and such.

Anyway, I don't rightly know how I got off on that tangent, except to say that I think I was trying to lead to a point, which is this -- perhaps liberalism is, unbeknownst to itself and its wild-eyed kooky advocates and promoters, its own worst enemy what with its low expectations and standards. You know, if you begin with low standards for academic achievement, and you create an entire educational apparatus (curriculum, methodology, philosophy and so forth) lining up with those low standards, then maybe it contains its own inherently self-destructive mechanism which is bound to self-initiate at some point along the way. Generations come and they go, and liberalism continues its march forward until it reaches its apex. After which point, what? -- that which goes up must come down, following the laws of physics? I don't know, but it's an interesting thesis that might be worth pursuing further.

Y'all be sure to read the VFR discussion linked above.


Anonymous said...

"Liberal" and "Progressive" were never anything other than self-serving lies on the part of those who design and promote these philosophies. Like their predecessors who styled themselves 'nobility' or holders of a 'Divine Right' to rule, they just invented a good sounding name for their agenda with no discernible relation to the truth.

The goal of the Progressive is to revert society back to a time when the ordinary people were serfs, disarmed, uneducated, and utterly impoverished. That is even the goal of most of those adherents who will inevitably be reduced to serfdom themselves...just so long as they can pull down their neighbors along with them.

The key point is pride, in the old, biblical sense of the term. The would-be rulers (and there will be many losers in that game, make no mistake) are proud, of course, but it can be easy to overlook that point. Still, one only has to consider that the ruling elite of totalitarian societies universally buy the luxuries and necessities of their own lifestyles from free societies to realize that the desire to destroy the productivity and innovation of the free is not rational in origin.

It's all in how you think of it, though. Totalitarians aren't just moral relativists, they're universal relativists. They want the best of everything, but they don't measure 'best' against what is known to be possible but only against what everyone else has. They don't want to take away what you have so they can enjoy it themselves, usually what they want to take away from you isn't even something they want at all. But they consider it a 'real' benefit to themselves to be relatively better off by the simple fact of everyone else being worse off.

Once you understand this, it is easy to perceive how the same principle motivates those who cannot possibly delude themselves that they will gain entrance into the ruling class. They are not hoping to markedly better their own situation, they merely want to pull down as many as they can to their own level. Indeed, they realize that those who desire freedom (with its attendant burden of personal responsibility) will be actually worse off as serfs than themselves, who are content to wallow in misery so long as it is general.

Obviously, they would prefer to pull down everyone, but there does have to be a ruling class (and an enforcement class, though they are not necessarily always distinct) to crush the natural drive towards freedom. They will be content to loathe and resent that class...as they already do. It is not hard to subvert the truth that government is a necessary evil into the lie that it is simply an unavoidable one. The old canard about death and taxes is really the cutting edge of the totalitarian scythe.

Of course, one must remember that the enforcement of totalitarianism is...very manpower intensive. There is only a tiny space for the privileged class that will enjoy the best of everything, but almost unlimited space for those who long to oppress others. It's like a giant pyramid scheme of abasement. As long as you have those who want nothing more than to be free down at the bottom to be stomped upon....

You are correct in your belief that it won't work this time, but you are dreadfully wrong in thinking that the totalitarians understand that. You are not even particularly correct about why it won't work this time. Your desire for freedom makes it possible for you to be free, it provides no sure defense against enslavement. The vast majority of humans experienced freedom as children, then relinquished it and believed that this was "growing up". This is how the Obamanites are already trying to sell their agenda.

But their failure is decided, and that is sufficient. Be free.

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