Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quote of the day; maybe of the year:

And it comes from none other than Lawrence Auster of VFR. (Ladies: Before you get all fired up and in a tizzy, please consider the truth of what he's saying.)


Of course this also has a lot to do with feminism. When, in the name of equality, you introduce women into institutions and areas of life that have always been male dominated, you inevitably alter the character of those institutions.

And no; I'm not planning a "quote of the day" for Webster's. So I've made an exception in this case.


Call Me Mom said...

If one cannot even measure something without changing it, I fail to see why I would get upset with a statement that says adding a whole new ingredient will cause a change to take place.

Of course it does.

La Reyna said...

Pat McCrory agreed.