Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christianity -- the West's suicide pact?

The long discussion on religion continues over at Mangan's Miscellany. Let us recall, as apropos to the discussion, Kristor L.'s excellent analysis of genuine Christian teaching vs. the teachings of "liberal Christianity" in this August, 2007 VFR entry, permanently linked in my left sidebar under Select VFR Articles.

Note: I've left a comment at Mangan's to this effect.


Call Me Mom said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Mr. Webster. I am very thankful for your thoughtful and relevant posts as well as our correspondence over the past year. You have been a blessing to me and mine and I thank you.

Howard J. Harrison said...

To a believing Christian, Christianity is nonnegotiable, nor is the West worth preserving without it.

Ron Russell said...

Christianity is the strength of the west not its undoing as some believe. Without it the west will ultimately collapse and give way to a new and more aggressive order. I don't believe this is in the cards. There is however an ebb and flow to history---s struggle, protracted in nature, between the old order and the new. Its all part of what I call the Systemic Revolution. Wrote a long article on this not long ago on my blog titled "The Systemic Revolution and the Protracted Conflict".