Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day TEA rallies

I haven't seen any "official" estimates of the actual numbers of protesters who were in attendance at yesterday's historic event. It was a very busy day for us, but we did manage to be in attendance at a local TEA Party rally. As I indicated in an earlier post on the subject, my intention was to attend a rally in Tulsa or OKC. But plans are subject to change, as you're all well aware, and so is the case with our original intentions for yesterday's events.

I would estimate that there were about 200 people at our local rally, which was held between 12:00 and 1:00pm. A pretty impressive turnout for our fledgling little town. More impressive, though, was the percentage of drivers-by supportive of our group's efforts -- probably along the lines of two thirds favorable, a few folks short of a full third who seemed utterly clueless about what we were doing out there, and only one passer-by that I'm aware of who had guts enough to yell from his moving vehicle an opposing viewpoint in the form of "Obama's da Man!" Assuming he really thinks so, my advice to him would be that he stop thinking as a matter of moral responsibility to his fellow man.

Otherwise, I'm a bit ashamed of myself for having neglected to put my calligraphic and artistic talents to good use prior to the event. Few and far between they were, but there were present at the event, nonetheless, some outstanding original pieces of artwork in their own rights that people were carrying around, or otherwise wearing, displaying their messages (hopefully pictures will be posted at the site later today). The Pen, as they say, is mightier than the sword, particularly when wielded by those with panache.


Anonymous said...

It seems like ACORN chickened out. Probably the wisest decision, but not very dramatic.

Call Me Mom said...

The people we drove with said they saw 4 or 5 Acorn folks, but one imagines they might have been a bit overwhelmed at the unexpectedly high(unexpected by the MSM anyway)turnout in the Berkeley of the Midwest. Apparently this was the largest crowd to gather at the sate capitol building since the protest against the war in vietnam. The count is somewhere between 5000 and 10,000.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that even those idiots know basic mammalian math skills. It is a tribute to the quiet power of the true American people that the millions who gathered to protest across the nation did so without violence and almost no disruptive incidents.

And an even more telling tribute that your enemies seek to discount you. They are daunted, and this they do not like. Those who live on lies first make a practice of lying to themselves. The truth is that they are very afraid, not just of your numbers, but of your restraint and dignity.

In the short term, this fear makes them more dangerous. You should exercise due prudence, even though the time for caution is past. But, one way or another, Americans will remain a free people. Scoff they might, but the enemy now cannot even deceive themselves that you will ever be enslaved.

If they are so insane, they can still pull down the Federal government, just as they have already doomed the dollar. But you will still be Americans. And you will still be free.