Sunday, July 26, 2009

The prospect for secession looms ever nearer

I'm self-admittedly a bit biased on this topic, but y'all really do need to pay particularly close attention to the goings on in Oklahoma. I flatter myself that I have a pretty good sense of the general attitude of the citizenry in this state. I may be a bit more radical and outspoken about my intentions than most Okies are comfortable with, but you can write it down that there really is a "silent majority" here in Oklahoma that the other side is currently doing all it possibly can do to provoke to action.

Vanishing American has been writing quite a bit lately about the ominous 'healthcare' initiative. I personally do not see how it can be stopped at this point. And stopping it at this point would merely amount to a delay in its adoption anyway. On the other hand, states like mine will most definitely take action to protect their citizens against such insanity. Which, when you boil it all down, comes down to an all-out assault on fundamental liberty. Good health is not a guarantee, nor is it a "right." Of course, I already know that the 'healthcare' bill isn't intended to make the citizenry more healthy, but to destroy personal liberty. Which is the reason that it must be resisted with the firmest, manly kind of resistance we can possibly muster. You may be asking "where are all the men?" I say to you again, watch Oklahoma. The process will take some time, and the impatient among us (who I think are not as firmly dedicated to the cause as they like to let on, generally speaking) will continue to let loose their criticisms of non-binding resolutions, the ineffectiveness of the TEA rallies, etc., etc., etc... And yet the steady and resolved among us will continue to march on. I'm not sure that I fit well into either one of those categories, but I know that a lot of my brethren do. Hide and watch.


Call Me Mom said...

I hate to have to say it Terry, but it is good to hear that there are those who will not give up their freedoms. Of late, it seems ever more likely that my state will not only be tamely submitting to the yoke of socialism but is racing to be the first to be yoked.

It seems not to be a matter of lack of fighting spirit, but rather a lack of knowledge and reasoning ability. But perhaps I am simply discouraged over my personal observations of late.

chiu_chunling said...

It will be amusing if the health care thing turns out to be Ft. Sumpter. At least, I will laugh heartily over it, but perhaps it will not amuse everyone.

The Confederacy opened fire on Ft. Sumpter over the "betrayal" of the evacuation being delayed. The Union didn't think there was any promise to turn over the fort, merely contemplation of the difficulty of defending it if it were besieged from land. It is an interesting example of the pattern by which wars begin.

There is, in the end, always an aggressor. Don't feel too worried that those on your side aren't eager to fight. It is true that those who obviously welcome battle are less likely to be forced to defend themselves, but there is no longer any real hope of avoiding this war. And it is common for the aggressors to underestimate their foe. By such mistakes are wars decided.

In the end, those who truly love freedom will be free.

Terry Morris said...


I imagine it's ideological in nature. Some people really are willingly ignorant. It's just a fact that neither of us can do anything about.


The only kind of freedom I personally care about is "the liberty wherewith Christ has made me free."

Anyway, I think that regular people don't understand the ominous implications of 'socialized medicine' because they've not had any experiences with it to speak of. When I was in the military (which has its own form of socialized medicine) I was constantly getting letters directing me to go to the base hospital for a flu shot, or to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth cut out, etc, etc, etc. Now, I never allowed them to do any of that to me then when I'd voluntarily signed my life away. What makes anyone think I would do so now? If and when this bill passes, it has no bearing on me or my family. Period. And the state of Oklahoma will (eventually) back me up on that.

I don't know if the 'healthcare' bill is the modern 'Ft. Sumter'. It might well be that the federal gun control initiative will be it. I don't really care to be honest. My main concern is to be as much prepared for what I think is coming as possible. And do believe me, when Rep. Charles Key said that Oklahoma is not dismissing secession as an alternative, he was speaking in behalf of a large portion of the Oklahoma citizenry.

Eric Dondero said...

I linked to your story over at Libertarian Republican blogspot.

Great blog you've got here. Keep up the good work.

Terry Morris said...


Thanks for the compliment on the blog, and for the linkup. My apologies for not replying earlier. I've been out of town the last several days.

Vince said...
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