Saturday, February 27, 2010

Invisible Contracts -- caught in our own snares

I won't go into a long dissertation on either the importance of the subject at hand, nor on the contents of the documentation which comprise it. I simply want to turn you on to something someone turned me onto recently while in a meeting between associates in my area. The subject is, of course, Invisible Contracts which we voluntarily (remember, the 14th Amendment only makes involuntary servitude illegal in America, not voluntary servitude) enter into in our commercial lives. The snares which we lay for ourselves by voluntarily agreeing to the terms of the contracts aforesaid, is the payment we receive in return for our lack of self-governing, independent qualities.

Disclaimer: I'm not agreeing with or endorsing the author's beliefs per his Mormon education.


Call Me Mom said...

Welcome back Mr. Morris!
I'll be skimming that book as I get the chance. Busy season here.

I had an op/ed rejected by my new editor. The piece was on Mr. Obama's request to Congress to repeal the military personnel eligibility act of 1993. (Yes, I know everyone else mistakenly calls it don't ask, don't tell.) His objection to the peice was that this publishing syndicate doesn't cover "social issues".

I'm not sure I want to continue to associate with an organization that thinks this is a social issue rather than a national security issue. I think I'm appalled.
Thankfully, I have no contract, real or implied with them.
It sure does make me think though. I've certainly been learning a lot about how the media works. It makes me ever so thankful for the internet.

Anonymous said...


A valid contract cannot be entered into without the knowledge of both parties. End of discussion. Writing an entire book on the subject is a waste of everyone's time. If someone is incapable of understanding the terms, or has not been demonstrated to understand the terms, there is no contract.

That's probably the defining difference between private contracts and law.

In the end, though, it all comes down to whether or not you are willing to resist. If you do not consent, then do not cooperate.

Oh, and welcome back.

Terry Morris said...


I think I agree with you in principle. However, I also think such a work not a waste of time in the sense that people wanting to avoid entering into "hidden" or "invisible" contracts (otherwise known as acts of deceit) henceforward may glean helpful information in that pursuit.

I don't think the "government" sees it quite the same way that you and I do -- that a contract not willingly or knowingly (in the sense that we're all aware of all the "ins and outs" of such contract at the moment we sign onto the "agreement), hence it becomes us to understand from whence it is that the "government" is coming in its narrow view of the subject. In the end, you're right, but how many people actually know that they've signed an agreement with the king's minions (in the fine print) once they open a simple bank account?

abi salma said...

A valid concentrate cannot be acceded into without the noesis of both political political party. Destruction of treatment. Committal to writing an integral book on the capable is a cast-off all people's time. If somebody is unqualified of agreement the conditions, or hasn't made up demoed to interpret the conditions, there's no contract. That's believably the shaping deviation 'tween individual concentrates and law.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Did I say that? I guess I kinda did, if you trust...babelfish, perhaps?

Terry, you're correct to identify the minions of government's unwillingness to abide by the precepts of private contracts in their avarice for legal pretexts as a source of disagreement. Of course, I suppose I reveal what I think of that kind of deceit by how I rephrased it. In the end, every criminal has a narrative which 'justifies' the crime. Some of them are even based on simple truth, because there are always unjust laws and unfortunate circumstances.

That doesn't change the fact that they are criminals and have broken the law...and as it happens the corrupters of Constitutional government can plead neither the injustice of the law they destroy nor any grievous personal hardship. They're just bloodsucking parasites who find the law inconvenient, is all. But that's hardly anyone else's fault. It's not like they were actually born that way or anything.

I personally have committed to openly flouting their supposed authority until they come to get me, and then demonstrating in practical terms exactly how far that authority extends. But my situation is...unique. I would advise most other people to hunker down and resist more passively. Being well-versed in the 'law' these vermin claim as warrant could be useful in that effort...if they actually obeyed those rules themselves, which they most certainly do not.

There is no point trying to play by rules that have been made up and kept secret from you for the sole purpose of putting you in the wrong. Once you buy into the premise that you have any responsibility for transgressing that kind of rule, it becomes a game of "guess the number which I'm thinking in my head" in which the answer is "hehehehe, stupid peasant doesn't realize that whatever he guesses, I'm just going to say it's wrong."

Which, of course, is not a number, so technically you will be wrong.

Do not play their games by their rules. Because the only real rule is they get their way.

By the way, the abi salma link is to a sorta hilarious article about how dandy potentially deadly fake stem-cell treatments are. I mean...I do think that medicine is over-regulated and people just need to understand that they need to be wary of trusting doctors with their lives. But that not quite what the linked article argues.

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DR said...

Just wanted to say it is great to see you back posting. You have been missed.