Monday, December 10, 2007

Another teaser, just in case you need one (not saying you do) :-)

I mentioned in the prior post the excellent VFR entry, The Transparent Intellectual Fraud that is Darwinism. By the way, I don't think I could have titled the entry any better myself. The title certainly represents my view, simplistic as it may be, of Darwinian Evolutionary religiosity. Also, note that the better VFR posts and discussions, I have no involvement in. Ever noticed that? I wonder why that is? ;-)

Nonetheless, let me tease you with an excerpt from this outstanding VFR post:

Auster writes:

"Pick up almost any Darwinian writing and you will see the same thing over and over. Nicholas Wade in his very worthwhile book Before the Dawn engages in this trope constantly (and, I believe, in complete unconsciousness that he is doing so), using language that attributes intelligence and purpose to the process of biological evolution which according to Darwinism is devoid of intelligence and purpose.

Why do Darwinists keep indulging in this gross contradiction? Because, as human beings, they not only cannot live in a world without meaning and purpose, they cannot even articulate a world without meaning and purpose, they cannot make such a world intelligible to themselves. So they keep appealing to teleology, even in the act of promoting a theory that radically denies all teleology. They are intellectual parasites who would strip all meaning from the universe, while continuing to preserve for themselves the comforts and pleasures of meaning.

The game is up. Henceforth we shall tell the Darwinists that they have no right to eat their meaning and have it. What can they say in reply? That a process utterly lacking in purpose has produced beings, such as themselves, who require a belief in purpose? Their position is as absurd as that of the postmodernists, who declare that there is no such thing as truth in the sense of words that correspond with reality, even as they expect us to agree with their theories! But how can we agree with any theory, if there can be no true correspondence between words and reality?

No matter how the Darwinists, liberals, and postmodernists twist it, they have no right to indulge in such nonsense. We must require of them that they be intellectually consistent and accept the nihilistic void produced by their own belief systems. Then we will see how long those belief systems last."

Allow me to say that I think it quite literally impossible for a meaningful purposeful human being, including Darwinists, to explain the existence of the rational meaningful purposeful universe in non-meaningful non-purposeful terms. It's kinda like trying to escape the use of logic in a rational universe. It can't be done without using it, so finely woven into the fabric of the rational universe is logic. And of course, when one engages in using logic to deny logic, then the argument is self-contradictory and self-defeating. So too might it be said, I think, that so finely woven into the meaningful purposeful universe is meaning and purpose that it's simply impossible to explain its existence in terms consistent with Darwinian meaningless purposelessness.