Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dhimmicrat answers tough questions from CAIR Representative

At the Heartland Presidential Forum in Des Moines, John Edwards, Dhimmicrat Presidential contender answered the question of Ahmed Rehab in the following manner, as reported by CAIR:

John Edwards:

… we've got to stop this racial profiling that's going on in the United States of America.


And we've got to change the entire atmosphere. Here's what I'll do as president: I will close Guantanamo, which I think is a national embarrassment.


We will have no more secret prisons, no more rendition, no more -- and I use this word intentional -- no more illegal spying on the American people by the president of the United States of America.


And then, finally, finally, it is so heartbreaking that we have a debate in America about what kind of torture is permissible. I have an answer to that: No torture is permissible in the United States of
America. And those are all things that I would do as president.

I like Edwards's answer to the torture question, though I don't think Rehab mentioned torture, Edwards just took it on himself to address it, it being so heartbreaking and whatnot that we even talk about torture in this country.

If I were on Edwards's Presidential Campaign team I would recommend that he denounce the use of torture in stronger terms. For instance I would advise that he say something to the effect of "under no circumstances whatsoever is torture ever permissible in the United States! If life or death information cannot be extracted from a militant Islamist short of the use of means, the mere thought of which makes feminine America cringe, then I choose death and destruction to America, and I call on all Americans to choose death and destruction to America ... for the children; it's all about the children!



Michael Tams said...


Good post, you've got to wonder why they don't take it to that logical conclusion. Stupidity? Dishonesty? But enough about the outstanding qualities of John Edwards...

The applause, of course, was in recognition of the impending destruction of America. Which is another thing that the American Left can get really vigorous about without any dissonance.