Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why bag toting liberals flee the intolerable world they helped to create

Over at Wise Man's Heart, Hermes has a good post up concerning a Philadelphia business owner's request that his customers place their orders in English, since this is America, an English speaking nation. Apparently the liberal do-gooders in Philly think this is just going too far.

Hermes quotes from the AP story:

In February, the commission found probable cause against Geno's Steaks for discrimination, alleging that the policy at the shop discourages customers of certain backgrounds from eating there.

So discrimination, to liberal do-gooder northeasterners, is defined, in part, as discouraging customers of certain backgrounds from patronizing their business, and this, the city of Philadelphia has determined, shall not be tolerated. If you're a business owner in Philadelphia you will serve anyone and everyone that enters your establishment irregardless of what language they speak. Nay! Not only will you serve them, you will do all in your power to encourage them to continue speaking their native tongue in America, and to accomodate them. You will not even so much as request that your customers order in English. Thus sayeth the almighty city of Philadelphia. Liberals really like to push it!

I've said before that I generally do not favor migration from one section of this country to another, i.e., from your section to mine. And this is a prime example why. As has been said countless times here and elsewhere, liberals create for themselves a world that, by degrees, becomes increasingly oppressive and intolerable to themselves. Depending on the individual and his tolerance threshhold (the level of liberalism he can personally withstand), when that threshhold is finally reached, then he wants to flee the world he helped to create and set up shop elsewhere. The problem with this is that he generally carries a lot of liberal baggage along with him, he, being himself a liberal, not realizing that he and his baggage contributed in no small way to the degradation of his native state to the point of intolerability to himself. All he can see is that his native state just finally went too far for his liking; that he could no longer abide the world he'd helped to create. Otherwise, he's in an absolute state of denial as to his contribution to that degradation. Generally this is all he can see; this is all he wants to see. I know, I've discussed it with a bunch of migrants to my state. Well, I don't let 'em get away with that anymore.


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