Monday, May 5, 2008

Good Question

There's a new blog in town, an Irate Tireless Minority of one, namely "Call me Mom." In her entry from Friday, May 2nd, Mom poses a good question, "Who is doing the wrong thing here?"

Mom writes:

Some of the knowledge was not so welcome. One of the other attendees was a high school teacher for a rural school. She was clearly fully integrated into the "these poor illegals are all victims of our cruel and oppressive system" mode, so I won't go into most of what she said. The part that struck me was relating to the future of the children of illegals. She was incensed that there were no programs for them to get social security numbers. She said these children often don't see any point in graduating from high school or going on to college because without social security numbers they can't get jobs and they can't attend college. (At least not most colleges) Now in my mind, the mind of the presenter and her mind this was linked to the growing gang problems we have been seeing. (Legally unemployable youth who are already criminals by their mere presence here turning to lives of crime? Say it isn't so.)

Several months back while Mike Huckabee was still in the presidential race, I was listening to a broadcast on a local Christian radio station where Dick Bott of Bott Radio Network was interviewing Mr. Huckabee. The question was posed to Governor Huckabee concerning his state's educational programs for children of illegal Hispanics. Governor Huckabee's answer consisted of the same basic premise of the Wisconsin school teacher that Mom refers to in her post -- "no government programs for illegals equals a life of crime and poverty, and endangers our society," or something to that effect. I hate to sound harsh (not really), but I simply could not disagree more! The message this purely liberal attitude conveys is this: if people are deprived of government assistance of any sort, the great likelihood is that they'll turn to a life of crime as a result. Correct me, but isn't this kind of attitude and spirit; this dependent criminal mentality, incompatible with America?

In my humble opinion, this attitude turns the whole "cause-effect, internal to external" relationship on its proverbial head. In other words, these people -- these liberals -- reason from effect to cause, from external to internal, which is clearly ... bassackwards.

Anyway, y'all go check out Mom's blog. It's pretty cool.


Call Me Mom said...

Thank you for the reference Terry. Now I'm blushing.