Saturday, May 24, 2008

Outstanding Blog Award

Months back, as you'll recall, there was given out in the circle of which this blog is a proud yet inferior (in a number of ways) part, the "Excellent blog award." Indeed, this blog even received the award, not once but twice, from two highly respected bloggers. While I very much appreciated Webster's being considered an "Excellent" blog, and worthy of this award, I also knew at the time that it would be difficult for me to continue to live up to this billing, particularly in the immediate future, given time constraints, intellectual constraints, and so on and so forth. Basically I feared, having made the cut on two separate lists, that I was going to let some people down. We can argue about whether that fear turned into a self fulfilling prophesy, or whether it was just reality based, i.e., knowing one's own limitations. But I would say it was the latter.

Now, not to put undue pressure on anyone, but I would like to personally recognize and acknowledge the outstanding efforts in support and defense of traditional conservatism which I see on display day in and day out at one particular traditionalist blog, namely, Vanishing American. And to formalize this acknowledgment, as well as my personal appreciation for her sacrifices, her steadfastness and resolve, her dedication to the cause of traditionalism, and etc., I would like to offer, with sincere gratitude and great respect, Webster's first presentation of the (soon to be coveted) "Outstanding Traditionalist Blog Award."

If any of you should like to take it further and pass out the award to other worthies, I am not opposed. However, I would recommend that you consider the spirit in which the term "outstanding" is here used and for which it was chosen, and let that be your guide.


John Savage said...

VA's is unsurpassed. She's always the first one I turn to each day. She deserves to be singled out for special recognition!

Terry Morris said...

Likewise, and agreed, John.

Call Me Mom said...

Very nice. VA's blog is on my short list when I have time to check any of them.