Sunday, June 8, 2008

Conservative MEGO?

For those of you who don't know, or who may have forgotten, MEGO is the acronym for "My Eyes are Glazing Over." I'm sure most of you have dealt with this phenomenon at one time or another, in one way or another, during the course of your lifetimes.

I once had an employee who had a severe case of MEGO (fact is I've had several employees over the years who exhibited signs of having MEGO, but only one whose case was this severe), and it negatively affected everything he did at work, and thus me and my business. I'd be in the middle of explaining something to him, and I'd notice that his eyes would begin to glaze over; literally you could see his mind begin to wander off into never never land. I can't say I'm 100% certain about the root cause of his particularly extreme condition, though I have my suspicions, but one day when I'd had all I could take of his eyes glazing over and his mind wandering off into space as I was giving him vital instructions which required his full attention, I managed to temporarily recapture his attention and focus by threatening to fire him on spot. Even so, once I'd regained his undivided attention and began retracing steps I'd already covered, MEGO began to set in once again. Though I did not fire him on spot as I had threatened, I was forced to follow through a few days later when it was determined that his condition was simply too advanced and too much outside my control for there to be any hope of a reversal.

I sometimes have to wonder whether MEGO is that which afflicts many conservatives as regards Islam or the immigration problem, or a host of other issues? Modern conservatives definately seem to exhibit the symptoms (and at least the early stages) of MEGO -- short attention spans, inability to focus, lack of rationality, short-term memory lapses, inability to connect the dots, and etc. -- and as with my former employee, it negatively affects everything they do, and thus our country and its future. But unlike my situation with my former employee, we can't ultimately control the effects of MEGO by cutting MEGO afflicted conservatives loose, can we?; his, as I said, was an extreme case which required extreme measures. What then is the solution to this problem? If we manage to recapture conservatives' attention by being forceful and loud and threatening, only to lose it again to the condition of MEGO, what are we to do?

As regards my employee, I strongly suspect (I'm only about 99.9 percent certain) that he was taking drugs while on the job, and that this was the underlying cause of his inability to focus and to perform his job according to any acceptable standards. It wasn't that he didn't work hard, but that he didn't work smart and couldn't follow simple steps from a to z in a constructive, orderly fashion. In other words, in order to permanently stop the effects of MEGO that this person carries with him everywhere he goes, you'd have to end his drug use, which I have no ability to do. With regard to conservatives who show all the signs of having MEGO as well, I suspect that they're also working under the influence of the mind-altering hallucinogenic liberal drug known as multiculturalism which produces in the minds of its users hallucinations as to the ability of cultural incompatibles to assimilate in our culture while we, at the same time, acculturate to theirs and its increasingly problematic presence here. In other words, in order to deal with the effects of conservative MEGO permanently and effectively, we'd have to radically purge modern conservatism of the cause -- the use and abuse of the mind-altering addictive drug of liberalism. But how exactly can we do this?