Saturday, June 7, 2008

My State's law is tougher than your State's law!

Is South Carolina's new immigration law tougher on illegal immigration even than Oklahoma's? No way! I think I even read once that Arizona's law is tougher than the Sooner State's. Well, no matter; whichever state ends up with the toughest immigration legislation in the country, that's a state that I can respect, without conceding that your state's law can beat up my state's law. We're all in this fight together by golly! And now a full ten percent of the states in this union have enacted their own comprehensive immigration packages. (Where are you other ninety percent???)

If it's any consolation to my fellow Okies, I think our state will always bear the distinction of being among the very first to enact this vital form of legislation; of being on the frontlines, at the tip of the spear in this historic battle to save our country from foreign invaders. And of course, every state that follows in our footsteps will have studied our legislation (either directly or indirectly), and hopefully improved and expanded upon it. Indeed, if S.C.'s new legislation is now rightfully being touted as the "toughest immigration legislation in the country", as H.B. 1804 once was, and this trend continues, imagine what advances we have to look forward to in this fight!

By the way, I picked up this story at Outraged which I have a permanent link to in the Links of Interest section in the right sidebar of this blog.