Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get thee hence, Satan

Well now, Governor Henry (unsurprisingly) vetoed Oklahoma's Tenth Amendment Resolution passed in both the House and Senate by large margins. Also unsurprisingly the Oklahoma House of Representatives just re-passed the same resolution. The Oklahoma Senate now takes up the issue.

G-g-g-gov'nor, what were you thinking?

Never mind. Don't think. Just watch closely ... and take copius notes. Jackass!


Call Me Mom said...

Ah, but didn't you know that a big FEMA exercise to prepare for catastrophic crises ranging from terrorism to natural disasters (with invitations to participate in the exercise sent to Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom) is to be held in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas this summer?

Link hereMaybe he's scared that he won't get the best seat at lunch with the high up muckety mucks if Oklahoma is declaring themselves to be sovreign. And then there's all that government money going into OK's economy to feed and house those folks during the exercise that would go away if he had to deny FEMA the right to hold such exercises in OK on the basis of state sovreignity.

But then what do I know?

Terry Morris said...

Why the good citizens of Oklahoma elected someone named Brad to the governorship, I'll never know. :-)

But it's all good. I hear that Randy Brogdon is running for the governorship in 2010. I'll go out to the end of the limb right now and say that he will most assuredly be elected as Oklahoma's next governor. IF...