Friday, May 15, 2009

A guide to the TEA rallies, for dumm... leftists

Irate Tireless Minority of one, Call Me Mom, has posted a pretty good analogy at her blog attempting to explain for leftists what the TEA rallies are all about. If you've read any of Call Me Mom's posts concerning the TEA Parties (at her personal blog, and at the AFB), specifically the Madison WI Tea Party which she attended, then you are well aware that she apparently took copious notes while there. Either that, or she has a photographic memory.

Call Me Mom writes:

It seems that the MSM and others of the collectivist mindset do not quite understand the reasons behind the tea party movement. I thought a helpful illustration might be of assistance. It's not an exact parallel, but close enough, I hope, for basic comprehension.

In my mind, as well, I think, as in the minds of the founding fathers, government is like an unruly child that must be watched over every second of the day, lest the entire family come to harm through his mischief. Let's say, for the sake of this illustration, that our unruly child has become a college student and we, his parents, sent our credit card with him to use for certain, very specific expenses or in case of emergencies. This is not money we have, but money we are willing to work in the future to provide for those specific expenses. He was fairly responsible at first. After a few blips here and there, we have gone on with our lives and not paid much attention to the totals on the credit card statement.

We have just received a bill for several trillion dollars. The extra zeros caught our attention. We thought "how could that possibly be correct?" After checking with the company, we have been assured that it is indeed correct. Our unruly child, bereft of our close attention, has been behaving badly. He seems to have decided that, since we are(or were)the richest family on the block and since he has a credit card that seems to have no limit, there's no reason he shouldn't help others as well as himself. In fact it looks as though our unruly child has decided that he can provide for the entire long as he has our credit card. He seems to believe that it is his duty to do so, since he has the means...our credit card. He has purchased houses, food and medicine for his friends, his friend's relatives and strangers. He has even allowed thieves to come into our home and take our things for themselves. These thieves are not required to follow our rules, but we are supposed to treat them as honored guests no matter how they behave because our child thinks they will return his generosity with a like measure of their own.

We have invited our unruly child to a tea party to explain the consequences of his actions.

As I've said a couple of times before at this blog, I don't particularly care for the "Taxed Enough Already" acronym because I think it really misses the larger point of what the TEA rallies are all about -- they're not just about excessive spending and taxation, although that is certainly part of what they're about. At the same time I haven't expended any effort in coming up with a better slogan, so there ya go. But like I said above (and in a comment to the post via email since I'm having trouble posting comments at her blog) Mom's analogy is a good one. In the end, though, leftists aren't going to get it because they're the ungovernable spendthrifts who have racked up the credit card bill.

Beyond that, after they'd robbed from Peter to pay Paul to the point that Peter said "enough!" and demanded repayment, they started to look for get-rich-quick schemes in which to 'invest' borrowed money on someone else's name in order to cover their losses, and in an attempt to hide from their parents what they'd done. And you know that there are any number of get-rich-quick schemes and schemers out there. And when that fails we have the lottery and gambling casinos on virtually every corner now. These 'gaming' casinos are particularly enticing to ungovernable spendthrifts such as those unruly children Mom alludes to. Indeed, I would be willing to bet my last dollar that upwards of 80% of those who frequent these casinos, and/or play the lottery, do so on someone else's dime, keeping with Mom's analogy. In other words, I'd bet that the vast majority of 'gamers' are people who receive some kind of government assistance; that they receive in benefits more than they pay in taxes. Anyone care to wager with me on that point?

But anyway, do read the rest of Mom's entry. Also, Mom was kind enough to post my comments to the entry which I sent to her, as I said above, via email. In that comment I make a suggestion as to what ought to be done to our illustrious leaders who brazenly continue to squander the wealth of productive Americans on unruly vagabonds. And I still ain't smiling.


Anonymous said...

Of course, Obama's response has been to demand a dramatic increase in the tax enforcement budget.

Yeah, this is going to end well.

Terry Morris said...

Yeah. The liberal/socialist/communist answer to everything is the creation of more government jobs and more government dependents/government welfare cases.

I thought it was the liberal position that no one should ever be presented with the choice between having the necessities and ... not having the necessities. I guess it doesn't apply in the case of excessive taxation that people can't afford to pay.

But like they say, "you can't squeeze blood from a turnip."

Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for the link and write up, Mr. Morris.

My husband was saying the other day that this administration's answer to everything is to centralize power.

Keep your copies of the Constitution and the DOI close.

Terry Morris said...

"Keep your copies of the Constitution and the DOI close."

Of course. I have them in here **pointing at my brain**. :-)

Anonymous said...

Meh...I know it sounds anti-intellectual, but I kinda prefer clinging to God and guns. Well, except I don't actually like clinging to guns, that's kinda iffy in my opinion.

More seriously, the documents of the Founding of the republic are just that, documentation of the principles on which the republic was founded. They can be memorized, of course. But far more potently, they can be understood. Our current government has departed so far from reading them that no possible torture of the words can make them yield any justification for present policies...but that isn't really the heart of the problem.

It was that they began to haggle over what they could get away with under the letter of the law rather than respecting the principles of God-given liberty. Even had the letter been observed scrupulously (not that it ever was), the nation still would have come to this final, desperate pass absent love of freedom.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are both worthy as expressions of such love. It is well to treasure them, and to refine your understanding of what freedom is by the excellent example of profound and deliberate thought they demonstrate. There are many today who claim to love freedom but quickly show themselves willing to resort to oppression in pursuit of their aims.

And we see that many of those aims are fundamentally incompatible with liberty in the first place. How does estrangement from truth and reason make one more free? Yet this is what many "liberals" want, sometimes to the point of comedy. The "right" to say that 2 and 2 make something other than four, or the "right" to not learn English, the "right" to disbelieve in God, and even the "right" to deny the reality of the self.

On the other side of the coin these liberals want to be shielded from the obvious natural consequences of their own behavior, eventually culminating in a desire to be "protected" from the necessity of making choices in the first place. "Economic liberty" is to consist not of being able to succeed or fail based on one's own actions, but to be be given the same outcome as everyone else regardless of individual actions. Eventually it means not being required to make any economic decisions at all.

There are evidently many who find such a notion attractive...but exactly how is that "freedom"?

But stand ye fast in that liberty wherewith God hath made you free.

Call Me Mom said...

"...she apparently took copious notes ...Either that, or she has a photographic memory."A little from column A, a little from column B. ;)

"But stand ye fast in that liberty wherewith God hath made you free."
I like that one almost as much as this quote from Samuel Adams-"We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection."Mr. Morris, the copy in your head will only be available to others as long as your head is still on your shoulders.