Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hussein Obama -- A Muslim, in spirit and in truth?

As I've said, it doesn't matter to me, at this point, whether he is a Muslim -- in truth -- or not. He IS a Muslim in spirit, thus hostile to America and everything America has historically stood for. For me personally, his debasing himself, the presidency, and the United States before the Saudi King, was the final straw. Nothing can change it now. Come get me.


Anonymous said...

Well, I only care that he's a Muslim because everyone else cared enough to deny it, even though it is a simple fact. Under the laws of Islam, he's clearly Muslim. Under such laws as are commonly accepted by Christianity, he is not a Christian.

I've never been particular about religion as a qualification for office, though. The fact that he has open contempt for the Constitution, expressed by word and deed, is of more concern to me. That this contempt is shared by almost the whole body of the national government is not a mitigating factor. Nor am I particularly comforted by the thought that such contempt is simply part of his religious background.

But on the whole, the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has managed to alarm and arouse freedom loving Americans is something of a comfort to me. There is still strength to throw off tyranny in America, though the cost will be high. As one who does not bear that cost, and offers no price in recompense, I have no place to ask it of you. But it comforts me all the same.

Terry Morris said...


The spirit and the flesh are continually at war with one another in me. I suppose that that's the essence of the human condition. Nonetheless, I feel that I have my duty. I cannot deny that others have theirs.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wonder what it must be like.

But perhaps it's best that I don't know.