Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilted COLB

The official toilet paper of White House staffers. Right handed users need not apply.


The_Editrix said...

How stupid of me! I didn't catch the implications because I didn't know the meaning of the acronym COLB, plus I wouldn't recognize a birth certificate at first sight, so this comes a bit late. What amazes me is the stunning arrogance behind all that. If I see certain pictures of Obama, I think quite often spontaneously: "What a nice (looking) man!" But at a second glance there is always that underlying arrogance. It's frightening. It's as if he KNEW that he has you fooled. I simply hate all that dismissive "He is just an idiot" jest, because that is the one thing he certainly isn't.

I hope I am wrong.

Terry Morris said...

Hi Nora. Good to see you here.

I'm assuming "quilted Charmin" isn't a popular favorite in Germany?

You know the implication of the "right-handed users need not appy" remark, right? If so, will YOU explain it? hehehehe! (that's my evil side coming out)

Anonymous said...

You know, my brother is left-handed, but wipes with his right. We had a discussion about the reasoning behind that one time. The issue of quality and absorbency came up due to how it modifies the risk/benefit potential of using one hand or the other.

I can (and do) eat with either hand, and always wash my hands anyway. So the risk side of the equation is pretty neutral in my case.

Obama's not an idiot, by any means. He might actually be a good deal more dangerous if he were. My primary remaining objection to pursuit of the ineligibility issue is that Biden could end up President. Gargh!

No, Obama is a delusional narcissist. He's devoted all his energy to surrounding himself with people who will never challenge his self esteem. That makes him a willing puppet of the left, but also a rather clumsy one.

Terry Morris said...

Yeah; when you go down the line on the chain of command, it gets pretty ominous what we might end up with.

During the 2004 presidential campaign I argued with a particular leftist about John Kerry's 'credentials' when she finally said to me that it insulted her that I wasn't taking Kerry seriously. I replied that if the Democrats wanted people like me to take their candidates seriously, then they might want to run serious candidates. I wish I could take that back now. I've always thought Obama was a serious contender because he's smart, well-spoken, talented and so forth. None of which makes him qualified for the job, to say nothing of doing it effectively, but nonetheless.

Anyway, my brother tells a funny story about the time that he and a co-worker got into a discussion about how much toilet paper they use repectively for each, umm, wiping. The co-worker apparently, and somewhat ritualistically (I think he must think he's saving the planet by doing this or something) peels off four (and only four) squares of paper per wipe, irregardless and invariably. There's more to the story that is the funny part, but I'll leave that to my brother to tell if he happens by.

Now I'm wondering why I ever got this started. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...why not just stop eating in the first place? I mean, the undigested waste dumped in the toilet costs a lot more in terms of CO2, land, and water and will cause more pollution than a whole roll of toilet paper.

Such is the general meaninglessness of liberal 'thought', though. "I'll keep eating 2000 calories of food a day, but I'm all holy because I save 10 calories of wood pulp when I'm taking a dump."

The_Editrix said...

"I'm assuming "quilted Charmin" isn't a popular favorite in Germany?"

Is that a specific brand of lavatory paper? Then no, we don't have it. We are pretty straightforward, lavatorypaperwise. It's almost exclusively white (sometimes with some very faint floral or fishy design) and non-quilted. In England you could get lav paper matching any colour of "bathroom suite". Believe me, I've seen execrable lavatories in my time, but at least the paper was matching. My father used to explain in detail why he preferred the gray one made from recycled paper, which always made me cringe. (God, I loved him!) Now recycling methods seem to be more advanced, because the ugly, hard, gray one my father held in such high esteem seems to be extinct.

"You know the implication of the "right-handed users need not appy" remark, right? If so, will YOU explain it? hehehehe! (that's my evil side coming out)"


(What a topic!!!) ;-)