Thursday, June 4, 2009

The soft bigotry of low expectations

President Bush's phrase came to mind this morning while I was making my rounds at my regular stopping places ... blog-wise. Several bloggers in my blogroll have mentioned Hussein Obama's recent statements claiming that America is a Muslim country. The phrase in the post title I think applies to all of those Obamaites out there who have been saying, essentially, that Hussein's intimate connections with Islam will not affect the way he governs. Thus, if these people are being honest with us, then they are (soft) bigots of the first order.

Now, I personally do not give a hoot whether Hussein is a Muslim in truth or not. He's as dangerous to this nation as a non-Muslim (or closet-Muslim, as it were) as he is, or ever could be, as a Muslim. And I've said this since way back when (way before his candidacy was made official). But like I said a while back, when he debased himself, the Presidency, and the United States of America before the King of Saudi Arabia, any question that lingered in my mind concerning his politico-religious allegiances at once vanished. Notwithstanding anything he has ever said, or will ever say in the future, concerning his personal faith.

I have also mentioned several times before the now prophetic words of our founding fathers who wrote in the fullest explication of the U.S. Constitution in existence -- the Federalist Papers -- that among the reasons chosen for the Constitutional mode of selecting our president, chief among them was to prevent foreign powers from "raising a creature of their own to the chief executive magistracy of the union." This, of course, makes perfect political sense to anyone who retains the slightest sense of patriotism and loyalty to his own country. But if the late election is any indication, modern Americans are loyal, not to their fellow countrymen, not to the constitution, and, no, not even to an ideal. They are indeed loyal, first and foremost, to the basest of human instincts; they're all about no. 1.

The fate of such societies is already written.


Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to dispute the idea that Obama is really a danger to America. Yes, he has dramatically accelerated the disintegration of the republic...but no President since Regan has done anything to actually reverse this flow, and it isn't like another Reagan is on the horizon. Let alone the generations of such presidents (and Representatives, and Governors, and even Senators) America would have needed. And that's in the past tense, because by the middle of W's second term America was past the point of no return.

All Obama has done, and this is not entirely pleasing to his dark masters, is to destroy the delusion that the United States of America was still a Constitutional republic with some kind of future. Millions decided not to vote for McCain because they understood the futility of doing so (although most of them hoped for better choices in the future rather than understanding the truth of the matter). Now the vast majority of Americans are beginning to see that their nation might really come to an end.

I speak as one who realized long years ago that America was already dead. For me the grief itself is only a memory. I loved my country, all the more when the hurt was still fresh, but somehow time has stolen my tears. I cannot even cry for the millions who will face the aftermath.

Obama has aroused many who would otherwise have slumbered in the very teeth of their doom. I do not thank him, for what service he has done was inadvertent. I do thank God that the tool of the adversary has turned in his hand. The fumbled stroke of the enemy is not the best of warnings, but when men will not heed anything else it is a blessing. Nor should it go unheeded.

Draw the battle line, face the foe unmasked. Only courage and honor will endure what comes. All else that humanity values will be like chaff.