Sunday, January 27, 2008

Credit Where Credit is Due

I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to agree with Rick Darby when he says he has to hand it to the Muslims. I don't like it anymore than he does, but he's also right that Western liberal politicians buckle at the knees at the mere threat of Islamic violence. Indeed, often it doesn't even amount to an actual threat, but an implied threat or the mere thought that an action might result in a threat.

Mr. Darby writes:

I've got to hand it to European Muslims, I really do. They are running rings around the governments of countries like Britain and Holland. Muslims clever; non-Muslims stupid.

What are they doing that's so smart? Well, either by a planned strategy or just an instinct for gnawing at the infidel's soft bits, they have figured how to advance Islamization in slices. Instead of one big confrontation, a thousand small ones.

I personally don't quite know what to make of it. Either it's the strategy of a genius or it's just dumb luck, as Rick suggests, that the Muslims have happened on the right combination here to dhimmify the European contintent in small slices. Whatever it is, though, it's definately working. Muslim world conquest continues unabated.

And, of course, this ties right into Auster's formulation that Mohammed was a Successful Hitler. Mr. Auster actually refers to Allah's prophet as "one of the great geniuses of history.":

Truly, Muhammad was one of the great geniuses of history, a successful Hitler as I have said, to keep getting people, even fourteen centuries after his death, voluntarily to embrace his program of self-abnegation, the willing surrender of their mind and identity....

And he notes some of the same disturbing phenomena that Mr. Darby recognizes in his entry. Whatever you do, don't miss either of these excellent articles.