Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Are we destined for a showdown?

Here's a VFR entry that seems to me to have real potential; potential to generate among the outstanding VFR readership one of those great, quality discussions we've come to expect from the source. Here is my poor, but well intentioned submission to the entry:

You wrote:

I don’t think that this seizure of power is about to happen, and, if it did happen, I think the peoples of the West would rise up in rebellion and there would be civil war throughout the West until its leftist and foreign masters were thrown off, at the cost of massive devastation.

My thoughts more or less exactly, so naturally I think it well said, vile Auster sycophant this indicates I must surely be. ;-)

Seriously though, the stars are all aligning for an ultimate showdown (violent or otherwise, depending on a variety of factors we simply cannot foresee) between the historic West and its peoples and the leftist West and its foreign subversive, infiltrating, jihadist mercenaries. We can rest in the presently small comfort of knowing that if and when whitey finally awakens collectively from his slumber, he will take whatever actions he deems necessary to self-preservation. And he will prove himself, again, a worthy and unconquerable opponent.

As has been said before, God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.


Rick Darby said...

Terry, old chap,

The current discussion — soul searching is more like it — about how traditionalist conservatives will use the ballot in the next election is one of the best things I have ever seen at VFR, and that's saying a lot.

It gives me as much hope as anything in the social and political sphere right now to read so many intelligent comments. Not everyone reaches the same conclusion, which is fine, but following how they got there has been very helpful to me. I am not, by nature, a political person and while I have had to give myself a crash course in the public issues of our time, I am still not as sophisticated as Larry Auster and many of his correspondents.

As to me at last coming around to (very reluctantly) voting for McCain, I knew I would feel lousy about it, and I do. But I live in a swing state, and a vote for Paul or Baldwin (neither of whom I am totally keen on, albeit Paul is right on some important things and a seasoned politician) would be a feel-good gesture but in effect, a passive vote for The Anointed One.

Obama might not realize our worst fears, either by his own choice or because of political opposition to him, but it's a chance we can't take. However, I certainly respect a decision to vote for a third party candidate. You have to follow your conscience.

Terry Morris said...

Rick, I respect your decision to vote McCain. I've said at VFR (and elsewhere) several times that I do not live in a swing state, and this fact makes it at least a mite easier to vote third party, write-in, or simply abstain in the presidential election, the latter of which I'm leaning toward as the day of infamy draws nigh. If I lived in a state that was in the bag for Hussein Obama it would be the same difference for me. But living in a swing state is something altogether different.

I too derive a good deal of hope from the quality of comments and discussion at VFR. Overall I don't think we're quite done yet in spite of Obama's apparent popularity.

Good to see you here.