Sunday, October 19, 2008

Technical difficulties

To readers who use the page from time to time, I'm aware of the recent problems with the Lawrence Auster on Islam page, and I'm working on a permanent solution. The page is temporarily fixed and is usable from its current url which should present readers with no further difficulties, but it will soon be moved to a different url, at which point I will post an update and provide the new address here at Webster's. My apologies for any inconveniences this situation has caused users of the page.

Thanks to the individual who initially made me aware of the problem. You know who you are.

Note: Articles continue to be added to the page as they are discovered from archives or newly written. If you've not used the page in a while you might want to check it out. If you're not familiar with the page at all allow me to present you with an excerpt from my page introduction:

The Purpose of this page:

The purpose of the page is twofold: it is to provide the inquisitive seeker of information concerning Islam with factual material on the nature of the religion of Mohammed which you may have heretofore been unacquainted with or simply unaware of. It is also intended to bring to one central location a collection of Lawrence Auster's best and most important writings on this subject for the convenience of the serious reader who wishes to refer again to one or more of Mr. Auster's excellent articles on the religion of Islam, and how it affects, or potentially affects, you and I and all Americans.

Lawrence Auster has written many articles on the nature of Islam and its incompatibility with Western thought and culture. Can the religion of Mohammed ever be reconciled with Western ideas and expressions of government? Should America's first amendment religious protections apply to Muslims? Moreover, is Islam compatible with the first amendment establishment and free exercise clauses? How about the freedom of speech, and of the press, or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble for a redress of grievances? Are there moderate Muslims? Is there such a thing as a moderate Islam? Is Islam, as President Bush says, truly a "religion of peace?" These are just a few of the questions Mr. Auster explores in his numerous and broad writings on this subject.

Be sure to check it out in any case. There's a broad range of titles from which to choose covering the problem with Islam from several interesting and informative angles.