Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where have I been keeping myself lately?

Well, besides my other usual stop-offs, here is an entry in which I originally thought that the author and I shared a lot of common ground, although not complete common ground. But who among us expects something as absurd as complete common ground between individuals with disparate religious and cultural heritages which they individually identify most with?

Below is Dr. Yeagley's ill-conceived response to another reader of his post followed by my reply to Dr. Yeagley:

Dr. Yeagley wrote:

I don't expect to give up. I will have to encourage Americans to remain American, even though they are on a reservation now, if only psychologically. Their country was stolen from them, without a fight! That must feel even worse than how the Indian warriors felt. At least they fought.

TM replies:

It hasn't been stolen without a fight. Traditionalist Americans have been fighting this for at least 140 years [actually much longer than that], which is the reason it took 140 years to effect the final takeover of America by liberals and socialists. You can date it back, if you please, to the establishment of a U.S. citizenship effected in the fourteenth amendment, U.S. Constitution. To say that that went off without a fight is ... ignorant at best, and disingenous at worst.

But the fight is not over yet, not by a longshot...