Sunday, November 23, 2008

New development in Obama citizenship issue

(Note: The title of this blog post is a bit misleading. Yes, this is a new development for me and probably most of my readers, but certainly not for Mr. Polarik as you shall see if you take the time to read his article linked below.)

The folks at WorldNetDaily have been covering this issue relentlessly, and seem to have no intention of backing off until the issue is resolved satisfactorily. And I applaud them for their dedication to the cause of holding Hussein O. & Co.'s feet to the fire.

Here's a Nov. 22 WND article in which something of a new development in the case has been revealed. From the concluding statements in the article:

On Janet Porter's Faith2Action radio program today, computer specialist Ron Polarik left no doubt the image posted as Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" from the state of Hawaii was not genuine.

"Here's a smoking gun," he said. "Apparently Hawaii changes its borders [on documentation] every year. In 2007 it had a certain border, and it's got a 2007 border. However if you dig a little deeper you find it has a 2008 signature and seal," he said.

"Whomever did the forgery was not very clever," he said.

Well, I don't know about all that. I've said before that I could produce such a document, computer illiterate that I am. The issue with the border on the certificate posted at Obama's "fight the smears" website is interesting though. If Mr. Polarik is right that Hawaii changes this border every year, then indeed it is very strange that the border on the document is from 2007 and the seal is from 2008.

Update: I have it on reliable information that the methods Mr. Polarik claims were used to doctor Obama's COLB are entirely possible and involve fairly simple procedures, including the use of various lighting techniques to achieve the illusion of a raised seal on the surface of the document. Hey, that's what we send 'em to school for, know what I mean?


Rick Darby said...

Is this Certificate of Live Birth an original printed document or a photocopy? I don't imagine anyone would doubt that a photocopy can be digitally manipulated.

My birth certificate is a piece of paper issued, sealed, and signed on the day of my birth, complete with an inked imprint of my tiny foot.

Is there no similar document for Obama? Hawaii isn't Timbuktu. Surely there must have been an original birth certificate with a signature and not just a stamped seal, that by law must be on file, even if only as a photocopy.

Why is not the original birth certificate available? Why only a Certificate of Live Birth, long postdating the original? Or is there something I don't understand about this flap?

Terry Morris said...


Hussein O., to this point has been unwilling to produce his original, authentic birth certificate. We can only speculate why. The state of Hawaii has sealed his records.