Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why White Americans are going to vote for Hussein Obama

There are a variety of reasons for which White Americans will be voting for Hussein Obama in the upcoming, depending. But when you boil it all down -- when you get down to where the rubber meets the road -- it can be summed up in a statement made to me by a young twenty-something White female a few days ago:

America has always been run by White Christian men!

There you have it, a vote for Obama is really, to many Whites as well as others armed with the vote, a vote against the influence and leadership of White Christian males in our society. These people do not give a hoot about Obama per se, as I've been saying. What they do care about, and the goal they're trying to achieve in voting for Hussein Obama, is ending White Christian male influence in American politics -- you know, "breaking their bands asunder and casting away their cords from among us." What better way to begin the final push towards that process than electing to the highest office in the land a non-white, non-Christian citizen of the world like Obama?