Saturday, November 22, 2008

Test your knowledge

(Note: The VFR entry linked below now contains a discussion concerning several questions on the quiz. If you wish to avoid the temptation to read the discussion altogether prior to taking the test, click here.)

I encourage readers to test your civic knowledge by taking a 33 question multiple choice quiz which requires just a few minutes of your time. The link to the quiz is posted in this VFR entry.

I'm not asking that you share your score unless that is your desire. I will say that my score was 90% or above answered correctly.


Call Me Mom said...

My score was slightly above 80%.
I should study more.
I think, though, if someone just called me up on the phone and asked the questions I would have done worse. It helps to be able to re-read them.

Terry Morris said...

As few as ten years ago I would likely have done worse by several percentage points given the exact same questions and answers.

Had the survey been conducted by phone I think I would have answered virtually all questions the same. And I think I would have been given opportunity to ask for a re-reading of the questions and answers that were confusing to me. Only a couple of the questions confused me, one of which I knew the answer to yet answered wrongly.