Friday, November 14, 2008

Surprise, surprise

The presidential "candidate whose middle name happens to be Hussein," according to a study reported in this article from whence the preceding quoted phrase was taken, received 89 percent of the Muslim vote on Nov. 4.

Many Muslim Americans also changed their party affiliations for this election. The country's Muslim population, estimated at between 7 to 8 million, has traditionally voted along conservative, Republican lines. Today, more than two thirds of American Muslims polled say they consider themselves to be Democrats, while only 4 percent see themselves as Republicans (29 percent identified themselves as Independents.) The shift began in 2004—in part because of the GOP's mishandling of civil liberties, from wiretapping American citizens to detaining Muslims in the United States and Guantanamo without trial, and because of the war in Iraq. This year, many more were drawn into the Democratic party by Obama himself. Muslims across the country were captivated by the senator's promise of unity and hope. On the Muslim-Americans for Obama Web site (, their mission statement includes the following: "That we support Barack Obama because, among other reasons, he rejects the politics of fear, challenging our nation to embrace its collective identity, where each American has a stake in the success and well-being of every American."

Yes, I can see where Muslims in America seeking Muslim empowerment in America would support the candidate whose middle name just happens to consist of a random arrangement of a random selection and number of consonates and vowels plucked at random from the English alphabet. But the joke's on them, right. The arrangement of the letters in the president-elect's middle name has no actual relation to Islam or to Muslims. And so what if it did, right? According to Colin Powell that's not America, and therefore not American, those elements in America which prefer those that just happen to be their own kind, that just happen to be closer to their own complexion, those who just happen to have names resembling their own, and whose religious upbringing just happens to most resemble their own.


Call Me Mom said...

I have to say I find myself curious about his lineage. Could it be traced to a relationship to Mohammed? Exactly where was he given his religious education/training while living in Indonesia, if any? Would his religious training, if any, have been considered Sunni or Shi ite?

I would guess I'm not the only one who's curious about those things. I would guess Muslims the world over who are looking for a new caliphate are researching it right now.

Still no calls for his head on a platter over the conversion to Christianity thing yet either.

Terry Morris said...

Well, the Muslim principle of taqiyya and kitman (religious deception) comes into play here too. As I think you've noted before, no Muslim serious about and dedicated to his/her faith can ever be trusted based on this principle alone.

The question is, the principle of taqiyya applied, how many Muslims are there who actually and really take their faith seriously? Hmmm. Boy!, that's a hard one given that religious deception is encouraged in Muslim teaching. Personally I think I'll err on the side of caution, which is to say that ALL Muslims, and ALL supposed Muslim apostates are to be distrusted, period.

One thing is absolutely clear with respect to the 89 percent number, Muslims in America (not "Muslim-Americans"!) at least think Hussein Obama is friendly to them, and to Muslims around the world by extension.

The article which I linked in the entry reveals, perhaps inadvertently, that Muslims in America were practicing a form of taqiyya in keeping quiet prior to the election about which candidate in this election they overwhelmingly supported. But any American who knows anything at all about the religion of Mohammed could not have been deceived by this silence among the Muslim community in America.

Call Me Mom said...


I think you are correct in your decision to err on the side of caution. It is my understanding that Muslims who do not wish to participate in jihad also earn "reward points" if you will for simply remaining silent about the plans of those who do and allowing them to accomplish their goals.