Saturday, October 24, 2009

Islamites spew venom at the West from their Dead Island perch

Note: The caption at the top of the video is a complete misrepresentation. These Islamites aren't "insulting" Geert Wilders, as if to say they're simply calling him bad names or something. Insofar as they speak of Wilders by name, they make no bones about what punishment they have in store for him should he ever drop his guard. What idiot among us doubts that these freak followers of their freak prophet Mohammed wouldn't saw his head off with a dull knife right there in the streets of London if they could get their hands on him? But, of course, it isn't just Mr. Wilders's life they threaten, but the lives of all non-Muslim Westerners, including your children and mine.

History, methinks, is bound to repeat itself once again. Terry didn't raise his *kids to be no fools, nor to succumb to jihadist threats and acts of aggression. So we got us a little problem here, don't we.

I actually hate using that word "kids" in reference to my offspring because sheep have kids, people have children (Katherine Dang). And words most definitely mean something. Occasionally I'll make an exception, which I did in this particular case for purely stylistic reasons. And yes, I apply the exact same rule in verbal communications as I do in writing. On the other hand, given the way some children tend to behave, I can see why their parents choose to refer to them (or is it themselves?) in animalistic terms.


Anonymous said...

Lambs and kids...the terminology is rich in associations for the Christian. All off-spring can be referred to as 'children' of their generating entities. But no metaphor can be extended indefinitely.

In nature, sheep do not produce kids and goats do not produce lambs, after all. And neither one produces pups.

Why is it, then, that the metaphorical wolves manage to breed true generation after generation? Well...there I'm guilty of rhetoric. As usual.