Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Green Footballs -- I'm kicking one right about now

You know, I don't think I've ever made a single reference to ... well, that site, well, since this site has been in existence. Ta Da! But, you see, that site has been, among conservative bloggers, some kind of epitome for conservative thinking expressed in writing, though I cannot possibly imagine why.

Allow me to put Chuckie-cheezie-Johnson in his place: You're worse than a menace, sir; you're a conservative-poser (I.e., a deranged leftist) by everyone's estimation. Good riddance to you you piece of garbage.

No apologies, no appeals to his higher ... whatever ... just, you know, what it is.

P.S., Chuckie (here comes one of those appeals I swore off of earlier), can I get a 'little green football' with your signature on it? Not that I really want one, but I'm purty sure I could sell it, at this point, for at least a couple hundred bucks in any event, which would certainly help me out financially, umm, dude.

By the way, please don't designate my site as one deserving of your ultimate (inernet) disapproval. Oh, you bastard! But can I get a charles johnson signed lttle green football for my efforts nonetheless? No? Ain't that a peach!

Tell ya what, Chuckie, why don't you and I have a meeting of sorts down here in conservative-central?-- you could express your idiotic understanding of conservatism and I could kick your ass for your efforts. How about that? No? Thought not you leftist piece of dung. Can I get a rain check?


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I'm...not really sure which parts are intended seriously and which not.

I always thought that LGF was a sort of open-source Onion rather than having any kind of explicitly conservative leaning. Admittedly, I've never had enough patience to really examine it in depth, partly because I judged it to be extremely shallow in content and mentality. Also, the non-open-source version of The Onion is funny and literate.

If you would like to explain the context of your post in more detail, it would probably ease my confusion.

Terry Morris said...

Ummm, ahem, I intended to add a link in the post but obviously neglected to.

Auster and I have always been in exact agreement that LGF is utterly non-serious. The very first time I was directed to the site by an outside link I was struck immediately by the meaninglessness of the site's name and the utter idiocy of its icon. In reading many of the seemingly gazillions of comments at the site it didn't take me long to realize what a bunch of robotic sycophants were the majority of cult-like followers of this moron Charles Johnson. Since that time this majority has grown proportionally due in part to Johnson's growing intolerance towards anyone there who dares offer an opinion remotely conservative. The site is the very epitome of an echo chamber if there ever was one.

There is some humorous value to the site, but not very much. One quickly tires of grown adults acting like a bunch of ungovernable juvenile delinquents. Particularly when their antics become unsafe.

I'm adding the link now.

Call Me Mom said...

I was going to ask "what brought this on?" but then I read the links. I recall looking at the LGF site once, after seeing a reference on GoV that they had been banned by LGF. The site didn't make much sense to me at the time. I couldn't figure out what their focus was so I just forgot about it. Good to know my evaluation was reasonbly correct.

Anonymous said...

It's been a few months since I even checked out anything from the Onion, actually. I have to wonder, how can you top what's in the actual news these days?

Sadly, I'm not bored enough to try and find out.

Terry Morris said...

You know, that's a helluva point, Chiu. I don't even know why I wrote the post to begin with now that you mention it. We definitely have bigger fish to fry.

The_Editrix said...

"Admittedly, I've never had enough patience to really examine it in depth, partly because I judged it to be extremely shallow in content and mentality. Also, the non-open-source version of The Onion is funny and literate."

I agree. I am online since 1998 and I guess I discovered LGF shortly after it was turned into a pro-Israel site. I found it boring and shallow, not to speak of the slow loading with a dial-in-connection. All in all I have accessed it a dozen times, if that. I am a huge fan of The Onion and I can't see any similarity, but then, that may be because I never really looked into LGF.

Terry Morris said...

Ha, ha.

I wasn't getting Chiu's references to The Onion until I read your comment, Nora. Duh!

I get it now. But I probably won't be going back there anytime soon. Ain't really my cup of tea, don't ya know. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I might be mixing it up with another site I visited a couple of times through links. It had a lot of headlines pulled from various places with irreverent commentary posted by users. It seemed like a pretty popular site, and for some reason I associated it with the oft encountered phrase "posted at Little Green Footballs" for some reason or other.

I guess my opinion of LGF is sufficiently demonstrated by the fact that I have no solid idea of what the site even was. I clicked on a link that I thought took me there, decided that it was puerile and not as funny as it thought itself, and didn't think the matter important enough to ever revisit.

Just checked out's the same format as what I remember, so maybe I wasn't just being clueless after all. That makes my...probably third visit. Now that I have restored my confidence that I have indeed properly surveyed the site, I don't think I'll have a need to go back.

DR said...

I felt the same way about the site for a long time. I don't know why people are always bragging about it. Keep up the good fight.