Friday, October 30, 2009

More on the negligent parent front

We've had this discussion before. And here we go again. It's getting worse, y'all, not better. And it's going to continue to get worse, not better. Call me what you will (I've likely been called worse by better), but there's simply no way in hell that I'd ever, in a million years, place any of my children in a situation like that, including the boys but especially the girls. Indeed, as I've said several times before, I don't consider it one of my parental responsibilities to go about destroying their natural defense mechanisms endowed in them by their Creator. Quite the opposite.

Speaking of which, I learned only yesterday that we have a group of workers, of Mexican descent, working across the way in our neighborhood. Apparently one of them had the idea the other day to stop his vehicle and talk to two of my daughters while they were walking to a friend's house about a block away. To which the girls beat a path back to the house. But the larger point is that apparently the individual in question is looking to get his *ss in a sling.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's a bit of an outrage that any parent would allow their child to be sent to a school like that, but the fact is that such schools are the norm now.

I mean...if you live in the when-not where only the most privileged have the ability to provide even a modest level of security for their children, it isn't a matter of parental negligence.

Yes, alternatives exist...but not everyone has real access to them. Not knowing how to do something that is technically inside of your physical capabilities still leaves it outside of your options. At least, I think that's how it works...I could be wrong.

I would file this under "and you want to go to these people for health care?" But then again I'm more in the not wanting health care at all category.