Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another exception to the rule

Normally I wouldn't post an entry like this, but I'll make another exception in this case.

Someone calling himself "Whitetrash" who posts regularly over at Yeagley's Journal, and who incessantly refers to the Republican party as the "Repukes", defends Democrat crimes on the basis that "at least they don't thump the Bible at ya while they're committing their crimes", and goofy stuff like that, has asked whether I'm "one of those "sensitive" types" in response to my calling him out on his incessant use of the aforementioned descriptive "Repukes," which, call me crazy, has no potential to change anyone's mind, and makes Whitetrash sound like a complete and deranged idiot.

Like I said to Whitetrash, I don't want to derail Yeagley's post with the personal differences between me and WT. So I invited him to speak his mind here at my blog. (Whitetrash: this is just common courtesy among bloggers.) But instead Whitetrash, while remaining true to his moniker, ignores these common courtesies and continues to address me over at Yeagley's, saying stupid things like President Bush is "my boy", that I (by extension I presume) support the importation of foreigners to this country, and so forth and so on. And challenging me to defend what he assumes are my positions. Idiotic!

Whitetrash, you didn't spend enough time here to find out what I'm truly about. If you had you'd know that there's no love lost between me and the GOP. If you're too lazy to do so, then fine. But you shouldn't be assuming anything -- I'm sure you know what they say about that...

What is it about these people? Is it that if I refuse to use terms like "Repuke" to describe the Republicans, and I call someone out on their obsessive usage of such illegitimate terms, that they assume automatically that I toe the party line? I don't use the derogatory term "Democraps" either, and it offends me, does this mean I'm a dyed-in-the-wool leftist Democrat?

Update: After everything had pretty well died down in the BadEagle thread in question, I tried to post a lengthy comment directed at Whitetrash in which I gave him a bit of a thrashing for his lack of good blogging etiquette, among other things. But the comment didn't make the cut. Nonetheless Whitetrash is still welcome to come here and challenge me on any point he wishes if this is his desire. I'm looking forward to it, Whitetrash.