Sunday, August 3, 2008

If Li is a Muslim will we ever know it?

Auster has been keeping a close watch on this situation at VFR and I appreciate his coverage. Here's what I wrote to Mr. Auster under the VFR thread "Why we will never learn the truth, cont.":

TM writes to LA:

I personally think it's a lot more likely that we will learn the truth about Li's religious history than it is that the Canadian government will be able to successfully hide that information from public knowledge, particularly as time goes on. I also think that the Canadian public is likely to dismiss Li's act as having any direct connection to the Muslim religion; that they will look upon it as simply coincidental that Li is a professing Muslim, and that Li's act, the product of a "disturbed", perhaps even "psychotic", mind has nothing in reality to do with his faith; that Mr. Li is simply an extreme exception to the rule and that it's completely unfair to Muslims and to their religion, "religion of peace" that it is, to make such an association.

I really doubt that the Canadian government believes that the Canadian People, reeling from the shock of what just happened in their country, will, based on that single occurrence, make demands on their government to place tighter restrictions on Muslim immigration to Canada. Indeed, I'd lay down good money that the government of Canada knows good and well that Canadians are an excessively "tolerant" and "fair" people, which is to say that the Canadian government knows that its society is thoroughly liberalized.

And LA replies to me under the thread.