Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr. Yeagley: "A new perspective on Islam"?

Here's a BadEagle discussion that you might find interesting. I've offered my own thoughts there in several posts to the entry.

And then there was the Noonanesque follow-up on President Bush's "greatness":

There are moments when I see George W. Bush as the greatest American Christian president since his name's sake, George Washington. Sometimes I feel like he is so vastly greater a man than anyone else that not only do most people not see it, but I'm sure he doesn't see it, or think it, himself.


In the end, I think Bush will finally be recognized for what he is, the greatest Christian American president since George Washington. The scope of his vision is beyond what most are capable of comprehending. Petty media minds, immature commentators, political riff-raff, these are but obscuring agents, feeding on themselves. It will take a generation or more for the truth to distill, for the cultural "collective conscious" to apprehend the significance of George W. Bush. We won't be around then, nor will he. His grandchildren may be.


I wrote in a comment to the article (not yet posted at the time of this writing) that I thought Dr. Yeagley's comparison of Bush to Washington was ... "way out there." Having now taken the time to re-read the entry, I suppose I was wrong to say that he is comparing Bush to George Washington. He just said that Bush is the greatest Christian president since George Washington, which means he's putting Bush on the same plane as Washington. Washington is the greatest Christian president, Bush comes in a close second, I guess. It brings to mind a favorite John Quincy Adams quote:

Socrates and Jesus [compared]?!, a farthing candle and the Sun!

That about sums it up on both counts as far as I'm concerned.