Saturday, August 2, 2008

Webster's experiencing technical difficulties

There was about a sxteen hour span beginning yesterday evening in which Webster's was unaccessible from my computer as well as some others who notified me of their inability to access the site via email. My apologies to everyone for that, an occurance for which I currently have no explanation.

Even though the site is back up, at least to the extent that I'm able to put up new entries, I'm still experiencing some anomalies with certain aspects of the site. If you are having any difficulties with aspects of the site that you normally use, posting comments, using my permanent links and so forth, and if you're so inclined, please report them to me in a comment to this post, which might be helpful in discovering the cause of the issue, and of eventually solving it. Thanks.

Update: CTO found this article explaining the situation. Thanks again to Mild Colonial Boy for his help.


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

There has been some kerfuffle on the Aethernets regarding Sitemeter interfering with weblogs in Internet Explorer. You may wish to delete the sitemeter code and see whether your problems cease.

Terry Morris said...

Mild Colonial Boy,

Good to see you here. And thank you very much for the information regarding sitemeter. That may well be the problem and I'm definately going to check it out.

Since I've been able to again access Webster's, one of the anomalies I spoke of in the entry is indeed a continued inability to access sitemeter.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

VA said...

Terry - it looks like Mild Colonial Boy has given you the likely answer. I know a lot of the blogs I tried to access yesterday were not accessible, and I'd heard it was Sitemeter-related but the problem seems to be gone today.

I am still unable to post on my blog but that's another story.

Terry Morris said...

VA, yes I see that your latest entry at your blog is from Thursday of last week. I'll keep checking in at the forum until the situation is resolved.