Friday, August 8, 2008

Liberals bicker over who's the purest leftist

But it's all liberalism at bottom. As I said, liberals bickering over which one of them is the purest unadulterated leftist. Thus when liberal commenters Isaac Parker and Tony G., very careful to emphasize the word "illegal" in their initial posts so as to preemptively establish themselves as legitimate multicultists and liberals, state a few negative facts concerning that form of immigration, leftier-than-thou commenters "a" and Laura respond in typical leftier-than-thou knee-jerk fashion accusing the former of being racists and haters and bigots for daring to speak any negative about immigrant groups, legal or not. Tony G., in a grand display of multicultist "oneupmanship", responds strongly by announcing his strong support for LEGAL immigration, and the thread just continues down the same pathway with liberals of various ranks trying to outflank their comrades, staking their personal claim to the liberal highground. Rank-and-file liberals trying to outflank themselves. Funny.

It's all in relation to this Tulsa World story published yesterday, August 7, in which we find this explanation for the growth of the Hispanic population in Tulsa from July 2006 to July 2007:

Marvin Lizama runs voter registration drives through the American Dream Coalition. He said some people left because of 1804, but many others are attracted to Tulsa's quality of life.

"Hispanics are coming here because they see that there's great opportunity," Lizama said. "This is a great city if you want to raise your kids, get a great education for your kids."

I should like as well to turn Mr. Lizama's attention to the comment section of the Tulsa World article in question. If the commenters there are any indication of the quality of education in the Tulsa public school system, then Mr. Lizama may want to rethink his position on that. As far as Tulsa being a "great city", I would simply ask: as compared to what, Mexico City?