Sunday, September 14, 2008

But have you considered this?...

I used to have an associate -- a so-called "friend" -- who, by all appearances, was a good and decent guy, a young family man with two young daughters who seemed to be devoted to them and to their long term welfare. I later came to learn that my associate was, in fact, none of the above; that he was simply putting on a good show, as certain individuals seem to have a particular talent for doing.

The first evidence came when we were engaged in a business discussion and he, all of a sudden and for no particular reason, unveiled a number of photographs which he and others had taken at his friend's bachelor party. I immediately objected, saying I wasn't interested in seeing what was in the photos. When he asked why, I asked how he would feel if one day someone was showing such photographs which involved his wife or his daughters, or one of his sisters. He responded that he "wouldn't like it," to which I replied "indeed, nor would I like it; these women in these photos do have fathers, and grandfathers, uncles and brothers. Have you not thought about that?" Of course, that isn't the only reason I objected, but it was my argument to him because I wanted to get down to where he lived. As goofed up as he was (and still is, by the way), he was sincere when he said he would not like it if the photos involved one of his female family members.

I was over at another blog, which I won't link to, earlier this morning. The author had written a post about Sarah Palin in which he was more or less sympathetic towards her, and hostile towards some of her critics. At one point in the entry the author announces that if he could he would say the following to Bristol Palin's boyfriend, "good job m'boy, now go marry her and produce four more." He's of course applauding the fact that Bristol and her boyfriend are both white, and that they've reproduced, and he encourages their making it legal and doing more of the same. I'm happy that Bristol evidently prefers to stay within her own race -- not that she has a whole lot of choice in Alaska -- but I wonder whether the author of the post would be so encouraging towards the young man were he to have impregnated his own daughter rather than Todd Palin's? I should certainly hope not. I personally would have put the fear of God in him early on in the relationship, as I've said elsewhere, but that's just me. But under no circumstances would I insult Bristol's father by congratulating the young man that impregnated her out of wedlock.

I think it just shows the lack of character in the blogger that wrote the post that he would be so flippant and nonchalant about the Palin family situation. Or maybe he just doesn't have a family of his own, and daughters of his own, and therefore somehow wouldn't understand the nature and depth of his insult. In which case he should learn to exercise a little self-restraint and keep his disrespectful trap shut.


Call Me Mom said...

I think you have hit on something. There is a necessary element of discernment that is lacking in many. I may have a post on this in a bit. I have to think. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is off topic. I've been following your blog partially over curiosity about Oaklahoma's anti-illegal bill and was wondering what kind of changes you've seen ? i don't know were else to look for information on this. NY'er

Terry Morris said...

Anonymous, don't worry about the off topic thing.

I don't have time at the moment to write you a longer, more detailed response, and I'm not completely sure what kind of specific information you're looking for, but I've written numerous posts about H.B. 1804, its effects locally, statewide, and regionally, the challenges its faced; also on what the current status of its two federally suspended provisions, sections seven and nine, and etc.

If you'll click on the label "H.B. 1804" in the label tree in the lower right sidebar of the blog, most of what I've written to date concerning the bill will be brought up.

If you have any more questions on the topic, feel free to ask, and I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks for your interest.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Morris, thankyou for responding. I'm just looking for information more along the lines of the "Just went to Walmart" post, eye witness accounts to whether or not the bills has had an effect yet, what it is etc.. Any way thanks for the blog its nice to read good news. Ny'er