Friday, September 12, 2008

Gibson-Palin interview

There's a good discussion today at VFR over Charles Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin last night, specifically Gibson's tactics, i.e., wrenching her statements out of context. I've looked around the leftist blogosphere a bit to see what the lefties are saying about it, and of course they're lining up behind Gibson, albeit some of them are complaining that Gibson let 'er off the hook when he conceded her point that her words had been inspired by president Lincoln.

I'm not interested in drawing leftists to my blog, so I won't link to any of these sites. You can find them and read them easily enough by using the search words "Palin: America on a mission from God," if that is your desire. But at one such site the author questions Gibson's conceding Sarah's point on the basis that her answer invoking Lincoln is illegitimate, then quotes Lincoln's exact statement in support of her claim. But here's the pickle, why would Sarah even have thought to invoke Lincoln unless Lincoln's words had actually inspired her? But it's easy enough to see the connection between Sarah Palin's quote and the Lincoln quote, unless one operates in the darkness that is leftism.

But as I said in a comment to the VFR article linked above, "a text taken out of context is a pretext." Charles Gibson takes Sarah Palin's words out of context twice in succession in the interview, thus establishing malice on his part.