Thursday, September 18, 2008

How many immigrants naturalized?

When we talk about the immigration situation in this country rarely do we speak in terms of exact numbers of immigrants who are granted citizenship. I've often cited the words of Noah Webster on the subject who wrote:

I consider it a matter of infinite consequence the cautious admission of foreigners to the rights of citizenship. Numbers of them who have recently arrived in this city come with violent prejudices against arbitrary government, and they seem to make no great distinction between arbitrary government and a government of laws founded on free elections.

Another founder I've cited on the subject before is George Washington. While this particular advice of Washington's has nothing to do with immigrants per se, it is logically derived from his statements that Washington, like his contemporary Noah Webster, took a very cautious approach to the admittance of foreigners to the rights of citizenship.

It is with indescribable regret that I have seen the youth of the United States migrating to foreign countries in order to acquire the higher branches of erudition ... Although it would be injustice to many to pronounce the certainty of their imbibing maxims not congenial with Republicanism, it must nevertheless be admitted that a serious danger is encountered by sending abroad among other political systems those who have not well learned the value of their own.

And although it may be injustice to some to pronounce the certainty of their bringing with them to America maxims not congenial with Republicanism, it must nevertheless be admitted that a serious danger is encountered by bringing to these shores and naturalizing hundreds of thousands of foreigners every year who have not well shaken off the anti-Republican principles that they learned and practiced in their countries of origin.

So how many foreigners does the United States naturalize on an annual basis? Read this New York Times AP story to find out. It looks like we're headed for a banner year in 2008. And if the actual numbers do not alarm you, I doubt that you and I have anything more to talk about.


Anonymous said...

It takes one's breath away. The feeling of sheer joy in giving out U.S. citizenship to the most un-American people possible, and the slavish satisfaction in whatever positive thing they may deign to say about the privilege. Makes it easier to visit your relatives in Cambodia? Glad to be of service. Thank you for choosing American Airlines. Be sure to recommend us to your friends.

Terry Morris said...


Yes; sarcasm is appropriate in this case.

I don't know what exactly to do about this, except to continue to advocate for state and local control of immigration. Maybe you can help?...

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Well, I support a few people/groups privately, like Tancredo and F.A.I.R., and then I do my blogging. Other suggestions? Heritage American hopes to organize a group in Michigan when number of readers has grown enough. Feel free to email me if you have projects you're involved with I can help with as an individual.