Friday, September 25, 2009

Departing rant

We'll be leaving shortly, going out of town for the next several days, during which time I'll be away from the computer. We should be back at home around Tuesday of next week, but nothing's written in stone. It all depends on whether we get everything done in the allotted time frame, which depends on other unknown factors. But anyway...

This whole situation with Emma Niederbrock and her parent-figures bothers me intensely. I can't put out of my mind what pitiful excuses for "parents" Emma's mother and father truly were, right up to the point that they got sixteen year old Emma and themselves bludgeoned to death by a twenty year old crazed lunatic killer wannabe that they did not even know yet brought into the fold like he was some kind of trusted member of the family. But I don't rightly know which is more pitiful -- Emma's parents and their idiotic, head-in-the-clouds attitude towards parenting, or their defenders who say that manipulative teenage girls can be completely uncontrollable.

I know a little bit about this myself. Being the father of three daughters, among which are one teenage daughter and another pre-teen daughter. Not to mention that my home is like teen and pre-teen girl grand central station at times, very often in fact. Not to mention further that I work with teen and pre-teen girls on a regular basis in a coaching capacity. I know all about how they manipulate (or attempt to manipulate), not just their parents but other authority figures in their lives, including yours truly. I know all about it, believe me. What they don't know is how I turn that to my and their and society's advantage.

You can't fool a fooler, as they say.

I discuss the parental ineptitude of Emma Niederbrock's parent-figures a bit in the comment section of this post. In point of fact, not only were they inept parents in spite of all their credentials and achievements, they were inept adults. Which isn't by any means uncommon in today's world, but these people were an exceptional case in point. I'm interested in your thoughts.

P.S. My wife had to listen to this stuff half the night last evening. I thought I'd try to spare her some of it today. But somehow I don't think I've quite got it all out just yet.


Call Me Mom said...

I take it back, I did read those posts, at least some of them. I couldn't quite bring myself to read all of the links because I was pretty sure I knew what I would find.
I have made a practice of checking up on the youth in my circle via these social networking sites and I have to say, they have raised my eyebrows so much at times I'm surprised they haven't permanently left my face.
I also make a practice of letting them know I do this and letting them know that if I see anything inappropriate or that I think would be harmful to them in the future, like say, if an employer happened to visit their page, I will ask them to remove it or I will notify their parents.
They pretty well think it's "creepy" that an adult they know would visit their pages. I just tell them to think about how creepy it must be to think that adults they DON'T know may visit their pages too. I hope it gets the message across.
That said, I didn't click on the links, as I mentioned, so I guess I will have to if I want clarification of how this connects to the music industry. Have a good trip, I'm off for the weekend too.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to, don't.

Basically, we're talking about a community of kids who want to flaunt their defiance of traditional morality, meaning the Ten Commandments. It is somewhat rare for this type to commit actual crimes, they are what they are because they are too susceptible to conformity, after all. But when they do commit crimes, it is obvious that they could not possibly have done so without the heavy influence of this sort of thing.

Horrorcore rap isn't really the mainstream of the music industry, its the pathetic extreme of "we're not posers" willing to do anything to assert their non-conformity. Unfortunately for them, they aren't generally able to do anything but conform to something.