Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rifqa Bary

Yes, I know about the case and I support the ongoing efforts to protect this young girl from her father who has apparently threatened to murder her, in accordance with Islamic law (and as has been done before in America), because she is an apostate. But protecting Rifqa from her father, noble as the cause is, does nothing to protect the West from the influence of Islam, which is altogether bad. Let us recall that the whole purpose of CAIR is to empower Muslims in America. As I've pointed out any number of times before, empowering Muslims in America equals disempowering non-Muslims. Because, you see, the whole is exactly equal to the sum of its parts. Let Muslims be empowered in their own homelands. There ain't enough room for us and them on the same continent.

Auster writes about the Rifqa Bary case in this VFR entry, from which I extract the following important passage:

While every effort must be made to protect Rifqa, I cannot refrain from pointing out that as long as the main emotional energies of anti-jihad activists such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller go to protecting individual Muslims who are threatened by other Muslims, they are scooping water with a thimble while the sea is pouring through the dikes. The main emphasis of the anti-jihad movement must not be on protecting individuals who are threatened by Islam in the West, but on removing Islam from the West, by stopping and reversing the immigration of Muslims into the West. If your main concern is to protect our society from Islam, then your main agenda must be to stop and reverse the growth of Islam in our society. If your main concern is to protect individuals from Islam, then you will ignore that larger picture and allow our society to continue to be Islamized, and the individuals you want to protect will be lost in any case, along with all the rest of us.


Call Me Mom said...

Mr. Auster has a point. However, it must be said that if America is ever to realize the danger Islam presents to us as a country we need to see these individual cases. We need them to bring us to the understanding that this is, not only common, but accepted and expected behavior under Islam. We need them to build a solid case in the public mind for rejecting Islam and it's trappings.
I also think protecting an innocent individual's right to life is a worthy goal in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

A very good point. Auster fails to distinguish between protecting individual Muslims by hiding them away and publicly advocating the self-evident moral good in cases like that of Rifqa.

You cannot win if you make fighting Islam your strategy. You must redefine the enemy, so that the battle is clearly defined as a natural extension of the struggle for rights (in this case, the right to not be murdered). And highlighting particular cases which illustrate the barbaric practices which people are trying to pass off as a religion is fundamental to that.

Of course, by now a discussion of grand strategy is somewhat academic.

The_Editrix said...

I am sure Rifqa Bary in her coffin will appreciate the ongoing efforts to stop and reverse the growth of Islam in our society.

Here is a roster of honour killings ("Ehrenmorde") in Germany for the last ten years or so. I think the gist is clear even without much knowledge of German.

There's something deeply wrong with the hearts and souls of us Westerners. If the death of this woman is received by a Tsunami of grief and self-flagellation, whereas all those honour killing victims go to their graves unnoticed, there's something deeply wrong with US. What's wrong with Islam we know anyway.