Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farah goes too light on Kennedy electors

Joseph Farah writes at WorldNetDaily concerning the sick revelation about Ted Kennedy and his twisted approach to Chappaquiddick. Farah asks the question in the title of the article, "How sick was Ted Kennedy." Let me answer that:

About as sick as the moral ingrates that elected him to the U.S. Senate time after time after time after time.

Someone wrote once years ago something to the effect of "If Teddy Kennedy is a murderer, a moral ingrate, a drunk, and all the other negative things people say about him, then how is it that he keeps being re-elected to the U.S. Senate?" The answer given went like this: "You've just described his constituency." To which I said, and say, Amen.

Farah concludes his article this way:

And that's all Ted Kennedy ever did with regard to Chappaquiddick – pretend that he was sorry. He was only sorry he got caught. He had no way out. So he threw himself on the mercy of the misguided people of Massachusetts, and they had the bad judgment to accept it and foist him upon the rest of us for far too long.

Well, that's all fine and good, but if we refer to the ingrates who elected Kennedy over and over again in nicey-nice terms like "misguided," and attribute to them nicey-nice conditions as merely displaying poor or "bad judgment," then we're simply not being honest about it. And why? Because we fear that being too brutally honest in a matter that requires brutal honesty in order to get to the root of the problem will earn us some ugly descriptive that we haven't been called already a thousand times before? God forbid!

Anyway, R.I.H. (you can figure it out) Ted Kennedy. I have no doubt that the people of Massachusetts will elect someone in your place just as bad or worse than you ever thought of being. For I very highly doubt that there is any shortage of Ted Kennedys in Massachusetts, and I'm quite certain that there exists no shortage of voters there eager to put them in national political office.


Call Me Mom said...

Sadly, I believe you are correct, Terry. I am equally convinced that there are many women who may have visited his casket just to be sure that he is dead. I have read of some of Mr. Kennedy's treatment of wiatresses and other women unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity during his lifetime. That such a man could have been re-elected over and over again tells me more about the voters of that state than I wanted to know. Just one more reason not to visit Mass.

Terry Morris said...

Yes, most of them are probably devoted Catholics just like Kennedy.