Thursday, September 24, 2009

So you DO know who your children are meeting on MySpace

Auster has posted at VFR a follow-up entry on the quadruple "horrorcore" related murder in VA that I wrote about here the other day. Included in the VFR entry is an AP article which helpfully fills in some of the gaps left in the case by previous reports.

Let me simply say that I sit here, having just read the AP story a few moments ago, and I'm quite literally stunned, STUNNED by what I've just read. I've known of some pretty horrible parents in my day, but Emma Niederbrock's parent-figures take the damn cake. Unbelievable!

Mood: Disgusted, Outraged!

(Note: In the other entry I mistakenly wrote that Emma Niederbrock's father was a Baptist minister. He was, in fact, a Presbyterian minister, which I've changed the entry to reflect.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah...We're not talking Eloi anymore. This is more like that talking meat animal from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. These people were basically begging this guy to kill them, offering not-so-subtly veiled insults to his integrity and manhood if he didn't kill them.

It makes his killing of them all the more pathetic and stupid, of course. The fact that he killed them to prove he wasn't a poser demonstrates that he was such a poser as to misunderstand the fundamentals of killer and victim.

Odd how that works.

Terry Morris said...

One of the VFR commenters said something to the effect that teenage girls are essentially uncontrollable. He added, of course, that they're especially uncontrollable in a divorce situation -- ya don't say!. I don't even know where to begin responding to such liberal hogwash. Sure, we all recognize (those of us who have teenage girls at least) that they can be especially adept at manipulating their parents, and, yes, especially in a divorce/separation scenario. But uncontrollable?! Hardly. Unless, of course, her parent-posers allow her to be uncontrollable.

Cowboy ... I mean Parent Up!

By the way, Chiu, your sentiments closely resemble my own on this matter. These people -- Emma's parent-figures -- were defying this psycho do kill them ... and Emma.

No greater hatred hath a parent for his children than to sacrifice them on the altar of child-liberation.

If it ain't in the writ, it ought to be.

Terry Morris said...

I wrote:

Sure, we all recognize (those of us who have teenage girls at least) that they can be especially adept at manipulating their parents, and, yes, especially in a divorce/separation scenario.

By the way, let me say that a parent needn't wait until his daughter is a teenager to recognize these qualities in her. From the time she's aware enough to recognize that she has a special kind of female power over her parents, these signs begin to come forth. And, well, you know what happens next -- the parents begin to indulge her and to encourage her, to brag about how "strong willed" she is and this and that. And the next thing ya know, you have a Emma Niederbrock on your hands.


The_Editrix said...

We haven't gone by far THAT much downhill at this end. Still, when something goes terribly wrong in my friends' families and I suggest that it may have been wrong to allow this that and the other, I always get the same reply: "You don't know what you are talking about because you don't have any children."

Frankly, as it seems that parenthood is inseparably linked to foolish- and spinelessness, it seems I made the right decision.

By the way, the troublemakers are always daughters, daughters-in-law or girlfriends, not sons, and those who let it happen gutless or disinterested fathers. That doesn't exculpate the mothers, of course.

Anonymous said...

Actually...I would tend to guess that these parents were the manipulative ones. The ex-husband-still-a-minister father came with them on this road trip to horrorcoreland after all.

Do you really think that was an expression of the daughter's will?

They weren't restricting her choices...but they were deliberately depriving her choices of meaning. Freedom is meaningful choices, being allowed to make choices doesn't make you free unless those choices have a real impact on yourself (noting that there is no bar to a subjective impact also being real, except to those who deny the reality of the self).

These parents were indulging in the "nothing you do even matters" strategy for breaking down their daughter's significance as an individual, which is why she drifted into a scene expressly designed for children who are desperate to assert their independence. That such a scene exists and is brim-full of "good" kids who "would never really do the things they glorify" is a testament to how common this "parenting" strategy has become.

This pathetic boy they subjected to exactly the treatment which had driven him so deep into the horrorcore scene in the first place...I feel vaguely sorry for him, but I can't feel genuine compassion because I have no sympathy. A terrible thing was done to him, but I can only understand it mechanistically.

He's not a wolf, he just was raised to believe that only wolves can ever really be free. So he spent years dressing up as his idea of a wolf, and then he was stuck in the back seat again with his 'parents' telling him that they could tell he wasn't a real wolf. So he tried to become one...I guess soon he'll have a chance to meet some real wolves.