Sunday, November 11, 2007

H.B. 1804 gets national exposure

I just watched a Fox News story on this topic, where, again, it was stated that Oklahoma's H.B. 1804 is considered the "toughest immigration legislation in the country."

In the story, one Mexican illegal (with a profound Mexican accent) attendee of a pro-immigrant demonstration against the measure interviewed at the Oklahoma Capitol stated the following:

This law targets the most vulnerable people in this state; the hardest working people in the State of Oklahoma. (emphasis mine)

My friends, if this does not incense you, or at very least concern you that illegal Mexican immigrants not only believe this -- that they are harder working people than you are, and that laws such as H.B. 1804 meant to protect you, your children, your jobs and governmental institutions, and etc.; your very lives, liberties, and properties, put Mexican illegals in a greater state of vulnerability than their presence among you and its incident drain on all of the above puts you in -- but also state it freely to the national news media, I have to wonder about your sanity. And that includes you "religious leaders" across the state who are currently acting in defiance of this law.

As Rep. Randy Terrill stated in this story, the defiance of these religious organizations could very well threaten their tax exempt status. I would go further and say that the law makes no provision for religious exemption, or, "conscientious objection," and that therefore, in addition to threatening their tax exempt status, their own choice of actions has put their very liberty in jeopardy.

But I guess these so-called "religious leaders" count themselves more moral and more deserving, as do their illegal Mexican friends, than 70% of the legal citizens and residents of the State of Oklahoma. I have one word of advice for these people, don't push it!


Rick Darby said...

These so-called "religious leaders" are in no sense leaders; they are spineless, brainless followers of what they imagine is the winning side in a moralism arms race. They have traded in whatever qualification they might have as spiritual guides for the politics of men, and as Jesus might say, they have their reward.

Terry Morris said...

Rick, that's right. Your last statement about what Jesus might say of these "religious leaders" has crossed my mind numerous times since I first posted on their defiance of the law. Good thoughts. You're right on the mark in my opinion.