Sunday, November 11, 2007

William J. Federer On Islam

While on our way to Norman yesterday afternoon to watch the Sooners take on the Bears from Baylor (poor defensive performance from the Sooners, by the way), we happened across a Bott radio interview of Mr. Federer, who was one of two guests on Dick Bott's show. The other guest was one of Oklahoma's State Representatives who was part of the "infamous" contingent which recently refused a copy of the Quran from Governor Henry's improperly named "Ethnic American Advisory Council." More on that last point in an upcoming blog post.

I was unaware of Federer's book on Islam until it was brought up in the interview. But one thing is sure, Federer has committed to memory many passages (Suras) from the Quran which make the religion of Mohammed irreconcilable with the religion of Christ.

To this point I've been unable to find a transcript of the interview with Federer and the Oklahoma House member, but I'll keep searching. Of the two guests, Federer was by far the more articulate and knowledgable on the issue of Islam. This is not to say that the Oklahoma House member was inarticulate or unknowledgable on the subject, but by comparison, to borrow from J.Q. Adams, one was as the sun, the other a farthing candle. To give you a better mental picture of my assessment of the two guests, it would be like comparing me (my knowledge on Islam and my ability to articulate it) to Lawrence Auster or Robert Spencer. That should suffice.

The representative's principled efforts are appreciated nonetheless.


Michael Tams said...


Great post. I'm always better for your recommendations (America's God and Country immediately comes to mind). Do tell if you read it.

Heck, I'll probably get it even if you don't.