Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nutty Catholic Priests Object to Oklahoma Immigration Law

In a Bartlesville, Ok., newspaper story, a group of Catholic Priests is reported to have pledged to defy Oklahoma'a new Immigration Law. Below is an example of the depth of thinking these Priests exhibit.

Catholic Priest Don Wolf of Duncan states:

We will defy this terrible law. How can you penalize people for helping other people?

That may well be the most asinine statement I've ever heard. It certainly ranks right up there at the top. Look, Donnie, if you're engaging in the practice of helping other people -- illegal foreigners at that -- to violate, not only our national laws, but our State laws as well, giving them aid and comfort in defying our laws, and defiantly violating our laws yourself in the very process, then you're liable to find out quick, fast, and in a hurry how we can and intend to penalize people for "helping other people." In this case, sir, how can we not penalize people for "helping" other people?, which would be tantamount to encouraging disorder and chaos and suicide. This is not the federal government you're dealing with here, which is in the habit of engaging in all of the above.

You liberals of all religious persuasions are hereby served notice. We in Oklahoma are no longer willing to tolerate the destruction of our values, our society; our very way of life, and we're certainly finished with assisting you in doing so. So if you're part of that effort, your best bet is to cease and desist immediately. Or move thyself to a more tolerant state. Those are my recommendations.

On a much more sane and reflective note, Representative Randy Terrill, the author of H.B. 1804, has said the following in reply to the charge that the law has caused "fear among the Hispanic population, leading thousands to flee the state.":

That was the intent of the bill.

By contrast with the above statement made by the priest, Representative Terrill states it about as clearly and concisely as it can be stated. Indeed, that was the intent of the Bill, which represents the intent of the People of Oklahoma. And I would add that the bill was intended also to put the fear of God into multicultist anarchist citizens of the State such as these Catholic Priests named above.

I stand behind the Oklahoma Congress on this issue 100%. The State of Oklahoma has done what it can do to give these immigrants incentive to leave this state immediately of their own volition, and to penalize their defiant enablers. Now it's up to the states to which they flee to do their parts in ending this liberal multicultist suicidal madness.


Rick Darby said...

The Catholic Church in the United States has pretty much run out of its old stand-bys, Irish and Italians, for filling the pews and the collection plate. Its support for hispanicizing the country is in aid of creating a huge new customer base.

Most traditional Catholics are staunchly American, but the Church itself is the essence of a multi-national corporation. It has no interest in preserving nationhood, only in keeping itself powerful.

And of course the Church has adjusted to the times (at least outside the Vatican itself): it has learned to talk the language of radical egalitarianism, of so-called "rights" (i.e., anything anyone wants is a right, as long as it's in the Church's interest).

I have nothing against the Church's spiritual mission (although I can't agree with its theology), but when it inserts itself into politics, as it has never been shy about doing, remember Voltaire's "ecrasez l'infame."

Anonymous said...

I believe in statement that the Church made "that God's laws are above man's laws", i.e., abortion is still a great evil even though the state allows a women to have an abortion. These priests are very brave to stand by what they believe. Should the Indians kick the so-called "Americans" out of the US?

Terry Morris said...


Let's get down to where the rubber meets the road here, what say?:

Do YOU think the indians should kick the "so-called" Americans out of the U.S., ... and why? Or is it just that you hate the evil white Protestant colonists and their ancestors so much [btw, does your hatred for Americans extend forward or back in time; in other words, do you hate the ancestors of the colonists and therefore the colonists themselves, or vice-versa?] that you think anything short of a mass alien invasion and hostile foreign takeover of this country is divine injustice?

And furthermore, you're pretty loose with your terms, aren't you...

by your definition "bravery" describes someone who exhibits a willingness to act in defiance of the duly enacted laws of a community simply because he says he believes they contradict God's laws. So anyone who says he's going to defy any law in this country on the basis that God's law is superior to man's law is, by your definition, "brave," pardon me, "very brave."

Which in your opinion is the higher law?: "rightly dividing the word of truth," or conforming it to the ideology of liberalism? Take your time.

At least we can agree on one thing; abortion is a great evil which should in no way be sanctioned by the state. But how do you equate the murder of the unborn and the government sanction thereof, with the enactment of laws meant to protect the lives, liberties, and properties of the legal citizens of the State of Oklahoma?

Terry Morris said...

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