Friday, November 9, 2007

Promoting and Advancing the Ideas of Balanced Constitutional Government

That is what this blog is all about when you boil it all down. Everything I post on, whether it be the dangers we face from Islam and its incompatibility with the West, or mass immigration into the United States from third-worlders, or the irrationality of liberalism and its dominating and destructive effects on our nation; even the anecdotes I share from time to time, or whatever, the most traditional and conservative and, yes, American thing I can think of is this concept of Balanced Constitutional Government.

Without the restoration of balance to our governmental systems, it is all a lost cause. Why? Because (1) restoration of principled conservatism cannot be effected without it, and (2) even if it could, it could not be long sustained outside of Balanced Constitutional Government.


Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the link. No surprise that I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment.

The corrective measures are there as well, we just need to get people educated on the concepts.