Sunday, November 4, 2007

Heart wrenching billboards going up in Tulsa area

We're sorry, sweetie, but your mommy is a criminal if she's here illegally. You see, sweetie, a criminal is someone who knowingly and persistently violates the law of the land. A violent criminal can be, like your mommy, a criminal and a hard working person as well. A non-violent criminal such as a thief can be, like your mommy, a criminal and a hard working person at the same time. We have a lot of people in this country who are gainfully employed AND commit crimes, violent and non-violent. The best we could do for your mommy and your daddy was to give them fair warning that they are here illegally (as if they didn't already know this), and that this constitutes criminality on their parts. If they've not already left this state in the interim between the passage of this law and the day that it went into effect, sweetie, then they've done you a very big disservice. And the people who've used your picture in this way have done you a huge disservice too. We're sorry for that. But your mommy and daddy have to leave this state now. If they wish to come back they'll have to do so through legal channels this time.

So you see, sweetie, criminality is determined by the law. A person like your mommy, when there is an established law in force, has to make the conscious decision whether to abide by the the established law, or to violate it. When someone consciously chooses to violate the law, as your mommy has done, then they must be punished or the law becomes ineffective and useless, lawlessness and anarchy would ensue, and you would be in more danger than you think you're in now.

We're sorry, sweetie, that the all-encompassing ideology of liberalism let your mommy and daddy in this state and this nation to begin with. We're now working to correct that so that sweet little girls like you no longer have to suffer for the miscalculations of your parents, and through no fault of ours. Many of us have sweet little girls just like you, but we refuse to exploit them to our ends.


Michael Tams said...

How'd I miss this?? Great post.